Words Challenge, Day 16

Sometimes, after a long day of school and tests and work and not being able to talk to the cute guy on the bus… sometimes it’s just really nice to open the door to your house, plunk down and kick off your shoes. And take a nap. That’s where this poem came from–a half asleep Cozybooks just glad to be home.


Christmas Lights.

No frost on the windows–no snow on the ground.

No giant fireplace roaring and inside not a sound

Just one of six girls living in this cozy apartment cove

Take my old childhood comforter and dream of family’s love.

The Christmas lights keep grinning from their perches on the wall

Left the mail on the counter and the groceries in the hall

The soft tv light glowing and the AC running low

Dishes on the dry-rack, Friday night nowhere to go

Roomates pile up napping, movie dialogue a background hum

Turn down the volume, roll turn over… I’m so glad I’m home.

~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading,



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