A List of… W: Two Worlds

As much as I’d love to give you another rant here, there’s already plenty of that to go around. And you all are here for the gallery I promised you. Well, after looking at my screenshot count (over 300) so far of just W… I decided I should probably not just post all my favorite scenes here. Then I might as well just host the videos. So Here’s how this will go:

Favorite Scenes 1/episode 1-16.

Favorite Character Scenes 1/character: Yeon Joo, Kang Chul, Daddy Oh, Su Bung, Crazy Dog, the Faceless (and faced) Nazgul

Favorite Pair Scenes 1/pair: Su-Bong/Daddy Oh, Crazy Dog/Yeon Joo, Kang Chul/Daddy Oh, Kang Chul/Do Hyung and our OTP.

Favorite Scene. Only get to choose one. Are you ready? Here we go!

… That moment when you’re almost done and your browser crashes. Sorry it’s late, folks!

Episode 1

Her stabbing him (the start of an epic love and action story). I know it was in all of the previews, but I absolutely loved this scene. Not just the idea and execution of it, but looking back on it and realizing the full scope of what had gone on. Daddy Oh had just come through and stabbed him. Daddy Oh had just met the Faceless Nazgul. At this moment our characters’ world was changed forever.

Screenshot (320).png

Episode 2

It can’t be this hard to choose already?! But I think my favorite episode 2 scene has to go to Kang Chul’s meta moment. They really had the cinematic feel down there, and I’m sure you can find plenty of screenshots of his first kiss elsewhere. ^^

Episode 3

This is one of my favorite episodes, period. There’s so much going on here–Daddy slowly giving away his soul, Chul kissing/shooting Yeon Joo, the conversation hinting at his world… so much. One thing impressed upon me was just how much our characters changed over the course of the drama, especially Chul–he went from  here’s-my-hand-high-five-it to giving up his life for his love. I had to choose, though, so I’m going with the kiss and shoot. It’s a long scene so I know it’s a bit of a cop-out… but still.

Screenshot (78).png

Episode 4

Uggh. You can’t just put Yeon Joo’s interrogation in the same episode as his meta-awakening! It’s just not fair. They both get so much development here! Yeon Joo and Chul are both disillusioned at this point about the world of W. Yeon Joo’s really not having fun anymore, and Chul’s having an identity crisis. Ok, we’ll split the difference: the prison scene where she tells him. He tells her how awful W (and prison) can be, and she tells him he’s a fictional man.

Episode 5

We get a lot of context in this episode, which I appreciate in a different way. Like Chul says, context is everything–it changes the way we see absolute events. But despite the epic shot that changes everything at the end of this episode, my favorite scene is one where context would have helped: Yeon Joo and Crazy Dog’s surgery fan-fight. Gosh, it was just so funny!

Episode 6

This episode made me consider something the show really didn’t wrap up, something that might influence the ending. The webtoon kept chronicling even in the real world. So it followed Chul. Everywhere. What does that mean for our ending, and were the worlds colliding? I’ll think about it. But that’s not my favorite scene! Don’t be fooled! The winner here was Chul’s bridge suicide, bringing the original timeline of W full circle. It ended just how the creator had planned, with the death of his main character. It was no longer really his. And now Chul, Yeon-Joo and everyone else gets a chance to play.

From This:screenshot-352To This:Screenshot (526).png

Episode 7

There is only one best scene in this episode for me. I think it’s probably my favorite kdrama kiss of all time. The prison confession and kiss scene. I just… oh, it was so good. This entire episode is so good. Seriously one of my favorites.screenshot-548screenshot-568

Episode 8

This episode was really trippy (can I have another favorite episode?), and set the stage for my ending theory. It’s not totally clear what’s real and what isn’t in the beginning, and they don’t tell you it’s fiction until it’s already over. Was the crossover between the two worlds real? Was anything? And with So-hee’s disappearance scene and the reset happening, it gets hard to choose. But I think I’m gonna go with the understated this time: when he calms her down in the car after she’s almost shot by no-face. They’ve shared hot kisses and surprising ones… but this is where I feel the depth of their love.screenshot-593screenshot-597

Episode 9

I’m going to indulge myself and claim another heartbreakingly romantic scene as my favorite for this episode, despite the epic ending with Daddy Nazgul and the creepy meta shots at the end. Because the beginning, where she keeps getting sucked in, brought me to literal tears. Not just the usual metaphorical ones. I don’t think it’s fair for a show to do that to me.

Episode 10

Now that our heartbreak is fully established, I’d like to highlight some of our resident psycho’s awesome performance. It’s in this episode that we get the full context and reality of Daddy Nazgul’s killing spree (I don’t think I’ve ever seen an act of terror played out like that on TV before, yikes). And it was chilling. Awesome, but chilling.

Episode 11

If the first half (or “season one”) of W is all about blowing our minds, then “season two” is all about cleaning up the mess. Everything takes on a bittersweet tone as our OTP tries to find a way out of this convoluted world. And I think my favorite scene comes at the beginning of all that: when Chul shows up to pick up Yeon Joo. The relief at seeing him alive was incredible.screenshot-628screenshot-630

Episode 12

I love this episode. One of the best parts of this “Season two” is watching our OTP find its way back to love, and this episode gives a lot of development on that front. That car kiss scene? Pure gold. But that’s not my favorite scene–no, that award goes to their tag-team kickbutt adventure, with Chul hopping worlds and Yeon Joo at the tablet. So awesome. This scene also gave new insight to Chul–he’s both a little calmer, and a little crazier. He’s a more stable character… but he wants out more than ever and that makes him a bit crazy (you’ll see that in later episodes).

Episode 13

There’s another fantasy in this episode–one of Yeon Joo’s–and it makes me really question the reality of our ending. Just thought I’d mention that before getting to my favorite scene:Yeon-Joo’s death. I didn’t think they’d do it. I didn’t think they’d shoot her. This show breaks so many boundaries, it’s unreal. And I love this scene because while we’re used to these moments being epic and mindblowing, here they’re also heartbreaking and tragic.

Episode 14

I’m terrible, I know, but I’m a sucker for when things go wrong. And here, with Chul beaten and tortured at Assemblyman Han’s hands, things go wrong. But my favorite moment of this scene was when Chul smiled, asking if “it wasn’t like a Manhwa?” because dude. Chul made me question his sanity a bit right there. It seemed to prep me for a tragic ending and gave–to me–some foreshadowing of what was to come.

Episode 15

I love that even in the midst of tragedy (and with Daddy Oh off the walls now, it’s really tragic) Kang Chul and Yeon Joo manage to find ways to smile and make each other happy. They’re small, they’re nothing much… but that’s what they really wanted. And what someday Yeon-Joo hoped to give them. So my favorite scene here was when Chul picks her up again, teasing her and making her smile. Who can tell them their wrong for smiling in the face of such terrible circumstances? It might seem odd to us, but I think they needed it to keep going.

Episode 16

Guys, this is the final episode. How can I have a favorite scene?! This is the ending of my baby, and wow. What an ending. You can read my review if you want more thoughts, but I’m fully satisfied. If totally heartbroken. But really we should have seen it coming, because this entire show’s had me wondering how they could legitimately end up together. So. I can’t make any one OTP scene my favorite here, because they’re all my favorite. So instead I’ll have to go with the suicide killing of Han, because wow Philosophical Conundrums. Do I like the fact he killed him or nooooot???screenshot-430


And on to the character scenes! I won’t tell why, just name them.

Yeon Joo: Her Interrogation

screenshot-711screenshot-713Screenshot (716).png

Kang Chul: In the Real World Now


Daddy Oh: Good-bye, My Daughter


Su Bong: Meta Meets World.screenshot-245

Crazy Dog: Don’t Tell Me Anything!


Faceless (and faced) Nazgul: Do You Like My Face?


Favorite Pair Scenes

Su-Bong/Daddy Oh: WHERE’S YOUR FACE?!



Crazy Dog/Yeon Joo: Fanwars

Kang Chul/Daddy Oh: Piggy Back Rides


Kang Chul/Do Hyung: Gimme Five


Kang Chul/Faceless Nazgul: Shoot You Dead

Yeon Joo/Kang Chul: Hospital Cuddles

Favorite Scene: This Worked Before/I Need to Leave Kiss


phew, guys, we made it! Through multiple browser crashes, class interruptions and the maze of finding scenes… I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did making it (rewatching all of these scenes multiple times in the name of screenshots? Hehe I have over 700 now). Thanks for reading!


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