Mid-Way Drama Awards

Hello, everyone! Good morning! We’re doing something a little different today as the transcripts aren’t out yet for the October General Women’s Meeting of conference. I didn’t have a review planned for today so I figured I could take this opportunity and present my Fall Drama Awards.

A big thank you to Kaybee at DB for doing this, I really liked the idea and decided to run with it for myself. There’s too many dramas! Too many! I’ll still do a year in review sort of post this December, but I want to start giving out awards now. So here it is, COZYBOOK’S VERSION OF KAYBEE’S MIDWAY-2016 DRAMA AWARDS. ^^

Ranking (only those I’ve completed):
1. W: Two Worlds (Rant pt. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and gallery ^^)
2. Signal
3. Marriage Contract (Rant pt. 1, 2, and 3)
4. Entertainer (Rant pt. 1 and 2)
5. Let’s Fight Ghost
6. Jealousy Incarnate
7. Pied Piper

And as a Cozybooks insert, those I dropped or put on hold:
8. Mirror of the Witch (episode 11, will finish)
9. Beautiful Gong-shim (also episode 13, will not finish)
10. Beautiful Mind (episode 3, might finish)
11. Dear My Friends (episode 3, will not finish)

I’m very picky about what dramas I complete, so ordering these was really really hard. I think I finally put everything in it’s proper place, though, and feel at peace with my rankings. On to the awards!

“Best” Villain: nominees: Kim Bum-joo (Signal), Sketchy Vet (Let’s Fight Ghost), The Faceless Zazgul (W: Two Worlds)
Winner: The Faceless Nazgul–W: Two Worlds
Special mention: Kim Bum-Joo–Signalscreenshot-162

Cutest couple: nominees: Hye-sooxJi-hoon (Marriage Contract), Jae-hanxSoo-hyun (Signal), Bong-PalxHyun-ji (Let’s Fight Ghost), Yeon-jooxKang Chul (W: Two Worlds)
Winner: Bong-Pal and Hyun-Ji–Let’s Fight Ghost

COZYBOOK’S INSERT Best Couple: nominees: Hye-sooxJi-hoon (Marriage Contract), Jae-hanxSoo-hyun (Signal), Yeon-jooxKang Chul (W: Two Worlds)

Winner: Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo–W: Two Worlds. I loved them the best, there’s had the perfect balance of cute, heartbreaking and epic.
Special mention: Hye-soo and Ji-hoon–Marriage Contractscreenshot-29

Best Dad: nominees: Daddy Oh (W: Two Worlds), Yeon-soo (Entertainer), Ji-hoon (Marriage Contract)
Ji-hoon–Marriage Contract. It took him a few episodes, but then he’s pure gold for her.
Special Mention: Yeon Soo (Entertainer)

Worst Ending:
Pied Piper (started with a bang, ended with a… I don’t even know.)

Most Memorable Rookie Actress:
Hyun Ji–Let’s Fight Ghost. (does she even count as a rookie anymore? She’s super talented)

Most Memorable Rookie Actor: nominees: Lee Tae-Sun, Kang Chan Hee
Lee Tae-Sun as Yeon Soo–Entertainer
Specia mention: Kang Chan Hee as Park Sun Woo–Signal (he’s been in several dramas, but this was a more central part and quite well done. He’s young too–16.)

Best Lead Actress: nominees: Kim Hye-soo, UEE, Kim So-hyun
Winner: UEE as Kang Hye-Soo–Marriage Contract95db6117-2673-47c0-af21-5a40fd1cf920

Best Lead Actor: nominees: Lee Jong-suk, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Seo-jin
Winner: Cho Jin-Woong as Lee Jae-han–Signal

Cutest Puppy: nominees: Chun Sang (Let’s Fight Ghost), Gong Myung (Entertainer)
Winner: Gong Myung–Entertainer

Most glamorous cinematography: nominees: Signal, W: Two Worlds
Winner: W: Two Worlds

Saddest Drama: nominees: Signal, Marriage Contract, W: Two Worlds
Winner: Marriage Contract2b1d0-mc205

Saddest Scene: nominees: Marriage Contract ending dance, W: Two Worlds leaving kiss, Signal movie theater
Award: Signal movie theater

Funniest Drama: nominees: Jealousy Incarnate, Let’s Fight Ghost
Award: Let’s Fight Ghost

Funniest Scene:
Jealousy Incarnate… all of it. But especially the man-bra scene. ^^ So funny!jealousy_01-00031

Most Disappointing Drama:
Award: Pied Piper (I do have to mention it wasn’t really disappointing. It just wasn’t as enthralling as some of the others I’ve watched this year. And the other disappointing ones I watched weren’t from this year.)

Most relevant drama: nominees: Jealousy Incarnate, Entertainer, Pied piper
Award: Entertainer (This drama tackled single parenthood, adoption, age gaps, entertainment scandals, and other labels with a cheerful face and awesome cast. I’d say it was very kairotic for today’s society).

Best Chemistry-That-Never-Lead-Anywhere:
Ha-Kyun and Yoon-Hee, Pied Piperall_about_my_romance-0026

Best Plot-writing:
Entertainer. Nobody gave this drama enough credit for having two hands on the wheel of its plot. Everything came full circle in the most brilliant way, and Even if the dialogue wasn’t always the best I loved the plot.
Special Mention: W: Two Worlds for blowing my mind every single week.maxresdefault

Best Dialogue-writing:
Do I go funny or serious on this one? We’ll go serious.
Winner: Marriage Contract. I just loved the dialogue in this drama, their conversations made me cry. A lot.
Special Mention: Jealousy Incarnate (the things this drama says).

Most Cheese:
Let’s Fight Ghost

Best Kiss-scene: nominees: Jealousy Incarnate SLS kiss, W: Two Worlds Handcuffs Kiss, Marriage Contract beach kiss
W: Two Worlds, the handcuffs kiss. I think that scene will go down in drama history as one of the best kisses ever. Ever. photo w07-00763.jpghttps://i2.wp.com/i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/girlfridaydb/drama/2016/W2Worlds/w07/w07-00786.jpgcredit to dramabeans for the stills

Best Bromance:
In Rang and Chun Sang–Let’s Fight Ghost

Most Unselfish/Noble Love: nominees: Marriage Contract OTP, W: Two Worlds OTP
Winner: Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul–W: Two Worlds. Anybody willing to erase their relationship at the request of the other is seriously noble. Anybody willing to let go of their free will in the hopes of saving their love is seriously noble. She did a lot for him, and he did a lot for her.

Strongest Female Character: nominees: Hye Soo (Marriage Contract), Hyun-Ji (Let’s Fight Ghost), Na-Ri (Jealousy Incarnate), Yeon-Joo (W: Two Worlds)
Guys, the struggle is real. Strong in what way? Action or emotion or what? Ok fine I’m picking.
Winner: Kang Hye-Soo–Marriage Contract.
Special Mention: Yeon-Joo–W: Two Worlds

Most Pointless Plot-twist:
The baddie reveal in Pied Piper. It wasn’t terrible… it just didn’t add to the story. At all. It came too late or too soon, so the fun was sucked out either way.

And that’s it! I’m starting to understand when people say writing awards and year-in-review posts is hard work. At the same time though, it’s super fulfilling and I loved every second of this. I can’t wait to do it again in December, with my own roster of awards!

Thanks for reading,




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