Monday Motivation: Identifying Mine

My first month of college classes–particularly my writing 150 class–has been an exercise in rhetorical thinking. I’ve started thinking deeper not only about the material I’m give to learn but also how I go about thinking about that material. It’s a rather meta experience in my own life, which made watching W: Two Worlds even more of a treat–I was able to think about thinking while I watched a story about a story. It’s lent interesting insight to my thoughts in recent weeks, and that combined with the General Women’s meeting of my church last night led to the culmination of this week’s motivation: identifying my motivations.


I came to the realization a few days ago that the very act of identifying my motivations changes my attitude toward them. Identifying my goals, my desires, what gives me comfort and what gets me going amplifies the very effect they has upon me. It’s like that meta-cognition strengthens the neuron network between the motivation and my happiness. If I know what motivates me, I know that when I’m thinking of it I will be happier. It creates an awareness of my surroundings and adds a multi dimensional outlook on the rest of life.

This week I hope to continue to motivate myself through this kind of thinking-about-thinking. If I can identify my goals, desires and other motivators I will return with renewed energy and vigor towards them and my life. What motivates you? Identify it, think about it, and see what happens.

Thanks for reading,



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