Words Challenge, Day 12

Sometimesa good rainstorm just makes the world better. I love the rain, I love the ambience it gives. I could live in Oregon or England and be just fine, really. The rain makes the colors, the people, the world a bit more vibrant. Textures and hues come alive in the humidity and people run to and fro, scurrying where they would have otherwise walked. It’s magical. So when it rained last night I went out and sat on my balcony, writing down whatever came to mind. They became today’s poem, and here you are!

Pitter-patter Home.

Pitter-patter, splish-splat,

No moon out tonight–

Look outside the window, see a much better sight

Droplet crystals falling, shatter on the ground

Melting, tumbling, turning

turn the world around.


Diamond spots glisten on the car-roof tops

The parking lot’s a puddle my balcony’s the shore

Pretty breeze swirls, ruffles pages twirls my hair

Tropical midnight rainstorm–wish I were there.

Shiver, stare up at the trees

push and pull their tangled leaves, play fights in the storm.


Cozy light shines inside, I smile looking in

Late night laughter, carefree fun–

Whoosh! Spray! The car roars past, rear back blink your eyes

Kick, swish, jump and laugh

puddle stomping fun.


Pitter-patter splish splat,

No moon out tonight.

Lamppost gleaming, rain streaming

Rainy days make me feel at home.

~ ~ ~

Thanks for reading, guys!



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