Words Challenge, Day 10

I really don’t have time to write poems: between screenshooting W, writing the rant and getting my roommate hooked on kdramas (We’re on episode 8 of My Love From Another Star… and we stared on Monday), my days are pretty full. So for the sake of my sanity and my grades, I’m going to multitask and write a poem about what’s really on my mind: W.

W: Two Worlds, in a few words.


Two Worlds

Choose number four

You can’t shoot me

Was I written this way?

No I meant three!

Draw me whole

Faceless terror



I’m certain this style of poetry (123454321) has a name, but I don’t remember what it is. I do know that there’s an equivalent form of logic in Hebrew called Chiasmus, where each succeeding point grows more important until the center (5) which represents the most important aspect of the discussion. I didn’t manage to mirror the ladder leading up to 5, but I do think 5 is the most important of the lines I wrote. Also, the 4 line is 3rd and the 3 line is a 4th. Fun stuff, gotta love W: Two Worlds. Stay tuned for more rant!

Thanks for reading,




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