Words Challenge, Day 8

I was staring at a photograph I took last night–one that hangs on the wall of my house now–and just let my thoughts run wild. They became today’s poem, so enjoy!

Photograph Life.

That picture on the wall haunts me.

I stare at it every day, wondering–watching.

Watching the trees spiral up to the sky

Wishing they’d spread their branch-fingers and


It’s a good photograph–I took it.

Growth, I called it. My baby.

Blue sky plays peek-a-boo with the leaves, and I ponder

What would it be like to fly?

Stand tiptoes on the farthest twig, spread my arms stretch my fingers and


The Fall colors cloak black trunks,

Quilt the sky patchwork red and orange

Tuck the clouds into bed at night because

Even the stars have dreams.

If I climbed that tree and jumped on a breeze for the nearest moon,

Would you give me a ride back?

That picture on the wall haunts me.

Dreams and Nightmares, covered skies, grasping hands they’ll push you forward, take a change just jump and trust you’ll




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