Monday Motivation: Call Home.

I heard something yesterday that made my day. It’s the most uplifting advice I’ve gotten in a while, and it’s an instant motivator for me. It came from one of the sacrament meeting speakers at my church. He said: “There are many great things to do on the Sabbath. They include random acts of kindness, scripture study, weekly planning, or calling home. If you get nothing else from this, I’d like you to remember to call your mom today.” Truer words, my friends. Truer words were never spoken.


I find a call to my family–whether it’s two minutes, five minutes or an hour–helps more than any heartfelt talk with friends or internet search of my problems. As helpful as self-help books are and as beautiful as an uplifting song or book can be, there’s nothing quite like a talk with family to cheer me up and make me believe “You can do this, Cozybooks!” Family just tends to love and believe in you like that.

I understand not every family is perfect, and I feel extraordinarily blessed to live have the one I do. So here I must amend my statement to say “call your family, whoever they might be.” Family isn’t always in blood–and there’s still a definite difference between talking with a friend about a problem and talking with someone you consider family.

Talking with a family member uplifts you, reminds you that no matter what there’s a support system rooting for you. They let you know you’re loved no matter what, and you always have a place to go back to. They motivate you because they believe in your abilities and spirit. Simply put, they’re family.

Lastly, I’d like to suggest an ultimate source of family, one you can always turn to. One that’s always number one on speed dial and always picks up. One that will never fail you and loves you so very, very much. You and I have a Father in Heaven who ought to be a member of our closest, dearest family. He wants to be a part of our lives, and I want to let Him work in mine. I love Him. He is family. This week whether I’m phoning home or my Father above, I know I’ll feel supported and motivated when I do. Here’s to hoping we all phone home this week! (No, I’m not E.T.)

Thanks for reading,




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