Why K-dramas: September 16, 2016

I’d like to take a moment and thank my Father for letting this September 11 pass without incident. I regret not taking the time to note it earlier. Every year I get a little bit nervous around this time, but I’m glad nothing happened to shake my country, at least. I’m praying for all those who do not have the stability in their homeland that I have been blessed with in mine. But this post isn’t meant to be heavy, so on to the lighter things–Kdramas!

My Reason: So you can invite the cute guy from your old HS class over on the pretense of showing him a new series. Who knows, maybe it’ll go somewhere? ^^

Upcoming and Excited

Goblin. I never thought I’d actually watch something that came from writer Kim Eun-Sook, I just didn’t. I hated Secret Garden, I wasn’t really impressed by DotS, but hey–that could totally be a genre thing. Goblin sounds intriguing, funny, and addicting–if it’s done right. I’m kinda getting my hopes up!

K2 *sigh* I’ve actually lost a bit of interest in this one. The last trailer that came out, while slick and well shot, seemed just a bit too Hollywood for my tastes. There was a scene that looked too sketchy, it felt a bit too shoot-em-up… I dunno. I think I’m just gonna follow the recaps for this one at first.

Tomorrow With You. This has become my number one anticipated drama. I should really find out what the air dates are on it. But I’m really starting to appreciate Lee Je-hoon as an actor, and I can’t wait to see him in a romantic role. Plus Shin Mina–I didn’t ever finish My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but it wasn’t because of her acting. I wanna see what you can do!

Shin Min-A - AsianWiki


What I’m Watching

Signal. Again. Because it’s just that good. Remember that guy I mentioned at the beginning of the post? Yeah, I totally started watching Signal with him. (Dear heavens I hope he’s not reading this–if you are, don’t tell me!) We just finished episode 4 and can’t wait for next week (which, if anyone wants to know, is when they really mess things up for the past/future. Helping isn’t always helpful!)

Jealousy Incarnate. Oh my gracious heavens! I never knew it was possible to make me laugh so hard and then feel so bad for laughing. This is the wackiest, weirdest Kdrama I’ve ever seen–and I’ve seen a few weird ones. But they pull it off in the best way possible. I’m fully invested in our band of announcers, weather-girls and High schoolers, even if Ppal gang is a brat. And can I just say I’m super-duper happy she’s actually going for the second lead? Like they’re actually getting together? It makes me feel so much more fulfilled if they at least try dating before she gets together with Hwa-shin. On the other hand, it raises my hopes that Hwa-shin isn’t actually the endgame. Stupid Second Lead Syndrome.

Boss and Me. I’m almost there! Four more episodes and it will officially be the longest drama I’ve ever finished–33 episodes. Not too shabby, eh? It’s still super cute, and I never expected to get such a touching plot towards the end.

Arang and the Magistrate. Oooh, this fills a special hole in my heart. I really loved Let’s Fight Ghost, and I’d heard the ghostly world being compared to that of Arang several times… and since I’ve taken on the mission and will finish a Saeguk within the month–Arang is it! It’s happening. I promise. (Haven’t I been good about keeping promises before??…)

Let’s Eat. This one’s kinda on hold for now, mostly because I’ve been eating too much lately and need to lose some weight… it’s just too good. Haha I promise I’ll get back to it–probably sometime this week, because I’ll finish up at least one of these dramas soon, and I’ve finished another… which leads me to…

 photo arang03-00143.jpg

What I’ve Finished

I refuse to say it. I refuse to believe it. I’ll just go back and watch it from the beginning. W: Two Worlds, waaaaaaee?! You were my bright shining hour of thrills and chills and love every Wednesday! You brought Lee Jong Suk back to my screen! You made my list of top ever Kdramas! What do I do with my life now??? This show is definitely on my rewatch list–it’s not the same tone or message or anything as Marriage Contract or Signal, but it’s just as good in its own way. I loved the show, I actually loved the ending, I’m a little concerned for Yeon-joo because I have some theories. I will write a review over the weekend, look forward to it!



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5 responses to “Why K-dramas: September 16, 2016

  1. I’m really looking forward to Goblin, The K2, and Tomorrow With You! So far I’ve heard Tomorrow With You is supposed to be the first one in that slot on tvN in 2017…so January of February?

    I’m rooting for you to finish a sageuk! I didn’t love Arang, but I liked it. But I did love Lee Joon Gi in it, so I say it’s an excellent choice for your first completed sageuk :)

  2. I just finished Mystic9 and now I’m watching… hm, Moonlight and… that’s it. Busy rl is busy. :)

    I loved Arang! I really should re-watch it some day. It was such a fun drama and probably the best I’ve seen LJK do in the past fiew years. Shin Mina was ever so cute in it too. The first fiew episodes were corgeously filmed but unfortunately live-shoot took a toll on that soon enough. It was still a darned pretty drama over all.

    Ha, longest drama I’ve watched was 170 epis. Those were only 30min long though. It just happens to be one of the best kdramas I have seen, still firmly in my top 5.

      • ‘I live in Cheongamdong’, a daily sitcom, ha. It was well written, well acted and really, really funny in places. Basically a very uplifting drama and just the perfect thing to cheer you up. I loved all the characters too. Did an all gushy rec post for it a while back too, ha. There were no subs when it was airing but Viki now has an abridged, 19 episode (one hour long epis) version of it, though that is not available everywhere.

        Just about all the dramas were heavily live-shot earlier. Many still are, I guess. Have you watched King of Dramas? There’s a pretty good take on that subject.

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