Words Challenge, Day 4

I’m taking a bit of a cop out today because I need to get up (got up by the time this is posted) at 5:00 this morning. Fun adventurous jam packed college days! What was that about getting enough sleep? So here’s my poem for the day, an exercise in quick writing:



Decisions decisions

What will I do and say?

What path do I follow–what road do I take?

Take my life, take my time, take my car and leave–

Leave my home, leave my faith, lose my freedom and be freed?

One’s in jail, one got pregnant–another’s lost their way–

Decisions, decisions,

So many in a day.

~ ~ ~

Sorry this one’s kind of depressing again, guys. I just got some bad news about a few of the friends  graduated high school with, each who’s lives have taken vastly different paths than they had planned. I’d like to take this opportunity to say “I’m praying for you, there is a God! He loves you!”. We’re given the power to make decisions in our lives, and I can’t ever say that’s a bad thing–but heaven help me if it’s not difficult and heartbreaking sometimes. I love you all! Make good decisions!

Thanks for reading,



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