Words Challenge, Day 2

Today’s an original poem, written not even a week ago. It’s inspired by my first week of college–overwhelming, to say the least.



Hi, mom.

Yeah, I’m doing fine. My first class? First rate.

Ratemyprofessor, definitely using that again.

Again? I’m sorry. … yeah. Yeah.

No, I’m ok–really! Really.

Really don’t know what to say–hang up, try again tomorrow.

Back to class, eyes shut tight. No leaking–here we go again:

Threepaperstwoassignmentsfiftyfourpagestwoaudiofilesthreevideos dolaundrygotoworkmakefoodwatchsomethinggotosleepnowaitdoyourhomework–


I can’t do everything!




I’m nothing in the face of this crowd. I’m one set of eyes in a million.

A million questions, no answers–just keep going.

Going from place to place without knowledge, they told me I was smart–

Smarts that I’m here for, smarts that got me here.

Why’s everyone suddenly so smart?

Got it down, got it made:

Made the honor roll, made the swim team, made up for my mistakes–

Made up hair made up faces made up smiles–

You made me smile so I sat down next to you in class and said,


~ ~ ~

It’s not my best work, but I don’t think it’s terrible either after almost a year out of the game. I’m excited to see where this will take me as I write for the next month!

Thanks for reading,



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