Why Books: September 9, 2016

Well, I’ve certainly done a lot of reading in the past few days. The real question is, have I read the things I wanted to or just the stuff I had to? Maybe the answer is both–you can never go wrong with a textbook on Utilitarian, Libertarian and Deontological philosophies. As for novels, they have their uses to.

My reason for books: So when you’re cute friend asks if you’ve finished reading that novel he lent out, you can smile and say, “Yes! Do you want to talk about it over lunch with me sometime?”


What I’m Reading

Justice, by Sandel

Watership Down

A Korean textbook

Chang Ge Xing (I finally found the new chapters online, I’m excited to catch up!)

Mindful Writing

How to Steal Like an Artist

~ ~ ~

I haven’t finished anything, I haven’t dropped anything. Oof. How about I share some favorite quotes with you instead?

“You, my friend, are a writer.” ~Mindful Writing

김유미 는 대학생이에요. ~My korean textbook, I can read that!

“Every Christian ordinarily should have a calling. That is to say, there should be some special business, and some settled business, wherein a Christian should for the most part spend the most of his time; and this, that so he may glorify God…”~ A Christian at His Calling (this one’s a bit odd out of context, but I like that he says we should use whatever our secular work is to glorify God.

A good outline:

  • Cool Intro
  • My First point
    • Support for this first point
    • More support for this first point
  • My second point
    • Support for this point
    • etc! etc!
  • An amazing conclusion that ties it together and blows the minds of my readers.

~Mindful Writing

I think that’s really it for this week, thanks for reading!



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