Drama Challenge, Day 30… pt. 2

Day 30: Take a screenshot of a drama you’re currently watching

Well, this is exciting! As opposed to this morning, I now know how to take a snapshot of my screen. This represents my very first ever attempts at screenshot-ting anything. I feel extremely skilled just about now, I’ll have you know. Below is the process of what I look like while trying to figure out how to use a computer, as illustrated in the Chinese drama “Boss and Me” (literally “Shanshan Came”– 杉杉来了)。


And the last is from a W Two Worlds BTS, because I could. And he’s beautiful.


special thanks to everyone who followed this challenge and also Timescout of A Touch of Drama for helping me figure out how to screenshot. ^^ I really enjoyed doing this, I’ll be looking for something similar to do in the future. Until then, look forward to what I have planned next!


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