Drama Challenge, Day 30… pt. 1

Well guys, this is it. This is the last drama challenge I have! What am I going to dooooo? (Don’t worry, I’ve got a few ideas.) Here it is:

Day 30: Caption a Screencap from a drama you’re watching right now.

… … um, guys? This presents a problem. I haven’t actually figured out how to caption a drama yet. Mostly because I’m terrible at catching something while it’s playing and if it’s paused then it gets nasty “I’m paused” watermark and tint all over it. Seriously, it’s a mystery how you all get gorgeous screencaps. So. Hold on for tonight (this is so anticlimactic) and I’ll unveil the potential screencap that I’ll have figured out how to take during the day.

Rainbow Dash Not Sure If By Ocarina0ftimelord | Apps Directoriesall credit to owner and creator.

^^ Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 30… pt. 1

  1. Um, if you are using Firefox you could add the Lightshot plug-in. It adds a button (looks like a feather) to the ‘strip’ at the top. It’s very easy to use; just click the button and the screen’ freezes’ (and no pause buttons on the screen etc, at least I haven’t got any) at that point, so you can choose (draw with the feather) which part to grab. I’m actually mostly using ‘another’ method as I don’t stream, ha.

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