If I Could Rate Presidential Candidates the Way I Rate Novels

I try to keep this blog pretty free of politics (because it is the internet and it’s easier to be uncivil here) but I thought this post was well written, and I want to take an interest in my country’s political process. Thanks, A.L Sowards!

A. L. Sowards

What if I told you there are two presidential candidates that I really like?

Nope, this isn’t a joke. Unfortunately, neither of the two are front-runners, but that won’t keep me from voting for one of them when my ballot arrives in the mailbox.

political loyalty

As I’ve thought about who to vote for, I’ve taken into consideration what I’m most concerned about for the United States. These are my top three concerns:

  • The national deficit. As of September 6, each citizen’s share of the national debt is over $60,000. That’s $300,000+ for my family of five, and the burden keeps climbing. It is a disaster waiting to happen, and I’m sick of politicians not dealing with it because they think they can postpone the disaster until after their political career.
  • Preservation of religious liberty. I want a candidate who will uphold the US Constitution, which says, “Congress shall make no law…

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