Drama Challenge, Day 29

Day 29: Drama that everyone else absolutely loved and you absolutely did not.

Well, that’s actually a pretty long list. And it really depends on who you’re asking for the “everybody absolutely loved” bit. Because there’s the general populace, all of my friends, the DB community and soompi. And they can all have some pretty differing opinions when it comes to good dramas. If I have to pick only absolutely one to expound upon, I guess it’d have to be…

My Girlfriend is A Gumiho OST | Music and Lyrics

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It’s not that I hated the drama, just that I didn’t love it. At all. I kept expecting to (and maybe that’s the problem), but I never did fall in love with this drama. I think I tried too hard, really. I wanted to love the characters, the story, the acting… but I’m afraid show fell short in my eyes on all fronts. I wasn’t really a fan of sketchy vet’s swoopy hair here, either. After trying and failing to get into this show five times (five times) I decided I really had to just give it up. Better luck next time, I guess. Filebook: Korean Drama Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


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