Drama Challenge, Day 28

Day 28: My top three sisterhoods in dramas.

Well, this one’s a little bit harder than Friday’s, mostly because if there’s a second female lead in a drama the odds are that she’s a bad cuss word who lives to make our heroine’s life miserable. But there have been a few really great sisterhoods (like some others, I just struggle with the word ‘womance’ so hardcore) in dramas, and I’m glad I get to highlight them in this challenge. Here goes!

Hye-soo and Joo-yeon, Marriage Contract. Just thinking about this show gets me crying again (not really, although I bet I would if I watched it again.) I love the friendship between these two women. It felt very real, very down to earth, and very supportive. There aren’t many friends who would allow theirs to crash at their house for an extended period of time without any end in sight–particularly not if it meant taking care of said friend’s daughter all the time. And Hye-soo didn’t even tell her the biggest reason–her cancer! But they just made it one happy little family, doing whatever was necessary to move along and live happily.   was just so supportive of Hye-soo and her life–offering caution and honest opinions when she felt she needed to, protecting her when she was down and telling her to go for it when she thought it would help. I just… love them. Marriage Contract: Episode 8 » Dramabeans Korean drama recapscredit to dramabeans for the still.

All of the halmonis. Just all of them, Dear My Friends. Just because I dropped the show doesn’t mean I didn’t like certain aspects of it! And I thought this group of halmonis was absolutely hilarious. So awesome. I think my favorite one was Jo Hee-ja, who wanted so badly to be independent. I can relate to that–as well as the feeling of wanting to never be a burden on someone. Her story arc even in the first few episodes was heartbreaking. It makes me want to pick it up again, and maybe I will–when there aren’t so many stellar dramas going around.


The roommates, Age Of Youth. So you may be wondering “when did she ever watch that drama?” well, I didn’t. Technically I just followed all of the DB recaps, because there were some more racy moments than I’d like and I didn’t want to watch through that. But I loved following the show and boy, did their friendship make me smile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of girls who have each other’s backs more than they did. Taking shifts for each other, tracking down psychotic boyfriends, fighting and making up and figuring out how to live together–I just loved them. If there’s a season two (which I hear the actors are down for) then I’ll definitely tune in again.

Han Seung Yeon Bids A Touching Farewell To “Age Of Youth” | Soompi


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