Why K-dramas: September 2, 2016

Can I just take a moment and pat myself on the back, remind myself that I’m awesome and congratulate myself on completing my first ever week of college? I think that deserves some mental online applause. It was totally overwhelming, especially for an introvert like myself–but I made it! And hey, I get to go grocery shopping tomorrow. Clean the bathroom. Maybe even do some laundry (Oh, that’ll feel good). Even with all the craziness though, I still managed to watch at least an episode a day and still keep up on homework. Go, Cozybooks! I believe in you!

My Reason: Because when you’re homesick and just calling home feels hard, there’s always W to give you a sense of familiar ground. You know K-dramas. They’re your detox–they make the insane manageable and the crazy a bit more normal again.

Upcoming and Excited

K2. Oooh, this is starting to look good. I managed to track down a trailer through a third-party website, and I liked what I saw. Which, to be honest, wasn’t a whole lot… but I’m still excited!

Tomorrow With You (I forgot the actual premier date for this drama, but wow! What a cast! A few of my favorite actors and a writer I feel pretty ok about. Plus I do love a good time travel drama. Let’s the hijinks begin!

Lee Je Hoon Is a Handsome Stud for Singles | Soompi

What I’m Watching

Boss and Me (episode 9. This chinese drama turned out to be a lot better than I was expeting. Normally the over acting style turns me off within an episode or two–but they tone it down and totally make it work here. That’s not to say he doesn’t drive me crazy sometimes with his “holier-than-thou” attitude… but now that he’s really falling for her it’s pretty hard to stay mad at him.

W: Two Worlds (Episode 13. WHAT IS LIFE?! HE SHOT HER! SHE’S DEAD! WHAT? They were so cute, and I finally got to see the scene with the couple shirts, and then she was gone and then she was dead, and then they totally drove right into each other! Wow.

Jealousy Incarnate (episode 4. I totally wasn’t expecting the breast cancer plot–but you know, they’re making it work for me. And I absolutely love how the show is living up to it’s title. So many trios for jealousy. I think I nearly died with the two ladies showed up wearing the same outfit. Battle of the wives, indeed.)

Let’s Eat (episode 4. Ok, so I’m officially a little freaked out that our next door neighbor foodie is secretly a killer. That wouldn’t be good. But on the other hand, I was totally stunned and happy when he showed up in Let’s Fight Ghost to talk about food with all the right stylistic choices of Let’s Eat. That was pretty fun. I just can’t watch it while I’m hungry… maybe I should go grocery shopping tomorrow.)

Let's Eat (식샤를 합시다) - Drama - Picture Gallery @ HanCinema ...


Pied Piper (I wrote a review on this one… check it out, if you’d like. But the short version is, great philosophy, great main cast, slightly disappointed by lack of terror of and empathy with the villain.)

Let’s Fight Ghost (What am I going to do on Mondays from now on?! I have nothing. Nothing. I really ought to try Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Goryeo [I can see why some are shortening that] but I don’t really want to at the moment. Do I?)

تحديثات لـ Let's Fight Ghost - ألوان آسيا

I’m looking forward to my second week of school… and all the drama that comes with it! Hah, pun.

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6 responses to “Why K-dramas: September 2, 2016

  1. Congrats on surviving the first week of college!

    Gosh, my college doesn’t start until late September. I’m so excited~~

  2. I actually like Let’s Eat s2 much more than the first one. There are just some dramas that you don’t know why and what made you watch and and this was one of them-and I am pretty glad I did. I absolutely love the progression of the two leads and I also liked the dynamic they shared. Moreover, this story was dedicated to our female lead and I positively loved the way her character developed. I hope you stick around to the second season. O know it is not the best Kdramas have to offer and I know that this one is pretty passable too but it is pretty heartwarming and it is a fun watch.

    P.S the show has Kwon Yool too and I am really happy he got to showcase his acting chops in Bting it on, Ghost. The other two dramas of his, which I had watched, had the same bland character so paint me surprised when he did an AMAZING job at scaring the living daylights out of me.

    • Cool! I haven’t really hear much good or bad about Let’s Eat 2, so it’s good to know it’s worth a try when I’m done with this one. I only have one question: is the female lead a new girl? Because so far I really like the two we have together…
      This is the first time I’ve seen Kwon Yool in anything, he certainly terrified me. And my friends. ^^ And welcome!

      • Many people had a problem with the lead falling for a new girl which is unfair because some times some relationships don’t work out the way you expect them to. That being said, I really liked how the season 2 relationship progressed. The female lead is Seo Hyun Jin (the lead from AOHY) and she had a role VERY similar to that of AOHY too. This might be a ship wrecker if you loveeed the season 1 couple or a ship maker if you liked the comfortable dynamic the protagonists share in season 2

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