Drama Challenge, Day 27

Day 27: Your top three bromances in dramas.

I swear, I didn’t add the extra two!! It’s right there on the picture, you can check if you want. I legit get to name my top three. Well, that makes this a little bit easier. Line up an fight, ye bromances! Fight for my affection! And the lucky winners are…

The brothers, I Remember You. How much cuter can a bromance be?! It makes it even better (worse?) that’s it’s a slightly tragic one. Why did you have to kill people, Min?! Arrrgh. I struggle. So much. Remember You: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The band, Entertainer. You wanna start a boy band full of freaking adorable guys and have them play around on my screen? *looks around nonchalantly* Well, I mean, if you really want to. Hehe I love this band! They each had such a distinct personality and yet they all played together so cutely. I just love them.

Entertainer Korean Drama Review | Kdrama Kisses

Do-hyun and Shin Se-gi, Kill Me, Heal Me. Can you havea bromance with yourself? ‘Cause they’re totally adorable. I know most of the time they hate each other and try to woo the girl to their side (so awkward, seriously. They’re one guy). But at the end I just almost died with smiles when Se-gi showed up to tell Do-hyun to take good care of her “or I’ll come back and take her.” Aaah! They’re just so much favorite. They all are. I love them all. KILL ME, HEAL ME” WEEK 5 – JI SUNG IS TOTALLY KILLING IT!




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