Drama Challenge, Day 26

Day 26: Drama character you’d actually want to be.

Not the kind to get super drunk and act crazy. That’s my first requirement. And as much as I absolutely love love love Hye-soo in Marriage Contract, I wouldn’t want to be her. I’m too selfish to trade wish cancer upon myself, even if it meant I got to have her character traits and adorable little family. I could be an ajhumma, but I think I’ll let that come a bit more naturally in my life. So. My pick is…


Jung Geu-rin, Entertainer. I absolutely love her as a character, actually. Despite the railing Hye-ri gets as an actress, I actually think she did a decent job here. She’s a hard worker, she wants to do what’s best for her family, and she’s not afraid to make mistakes. She’s careful about who she gets close to–but once she’s there she goes all out to make sure they know they’re cared for. I love it! She also has no desire to really be in the limelight herself, which I admire. I’m fairly similar to her in that respect. Mostly, I just like the attitude she brings towards life–things might get hard, but I’ll (she’ll) still carry on. Ok, it does also help that she’s doesn’t have a serial killer chasing her, a man with seven personalities for a boyfriend or no physical body. That might have helped too.

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