Drama Challenge, Day 24

Day 24: The unhealthiest OTP that was better off not being together at all.

First of all, what?! I only have six days of challenge left? When did that happen?? I’ve really enjoyed doing this and will be on the lookout for another one. Probably something with manga, although potentially another drama one. But back to the unhealthy OTP–and there are plenty of those to go around. I almost watched this one to the end, but thankfully DB recaps and a solid dislike for circular relationships stopped me. The lucky winner is…


Sang Hyo and Hae-Young, My Secret Hotel. Man! They had the unhealthiest relationship. Not only did she hardcore have a great second lead (that is, until he started acting like a kindergartner) she also had a terrible ex. I would’ve totally supported her decision to just leave him alone and let things be. Let him marry the other girl, for all I cared. I didn’t even appreciate Nam Goong Min’s charm here because of how despicable and childish I found the character. That makes me sound terribly vindictive, but there were real reasons why I dropped that drama–even for the love I continue to hold for Yoo Inna as an actress. That made it even worse–she was such a great character, a great woman… and she had to end up dealing with two children instead of men. *sigh* I don’t even know what happened there. Usually I can find man-children adorable… but not these two.


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