Monday Motivation: Just go for it

I’m sitting in bed tonight–11:30–hoping the screen isn’t too bright for my roommate. It’s the first night in a new apartment and classes start. Tomorrow (well, today by the time you read this). I didn’t feel any of the nervousness until today, when it hit me like.. something that would hit someone really really hard (my brain’s too tired to think up metaphors tonight). And those nerves gave me the reason to stay motivated this week: when in doubt, just go for it.


I’ve talked about this before in terms of words, but going to college requires something more–it takes action. As an introvert, I like to watch how something is done for a looong time before I ever act on it myself, so “just going for it” is way outside my comfort zone. But while I’m no proponent of YOLO, I do see the need to quit hemhawing and take action. Take the initiative to speak up, take the chance to attend a party, take the time to hold the door. Go for it and see what happens–it will probably be something wonderful.

Thinking ahead is a blessing–one I use all the time as an almost obsessive planner and list maker–but there is a certain freedom that comes when you just close your eyes, refuse to consider the pros and cons and consequences and just jump. Each has a time and place in our lives and so this week, I’ll remind myself of that when I feel like backing down. Stop thinking for a second, put one foot in front of the other and just go for it.

Thanks for reading,



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