Why Books: August 26, 2016

Well, that was an interesting week. I feel like I’ve been running at 210% on all cylinders for most of it, and I don’t get a break until… next week when it really just starts all over again. Oh well. At least I got some reading done.

My Reason: Because really, there’s no use for that top shelf of the closet except as a super long bookshelf. At least, that what I’m using it for.


What I’m Reading

The Sky is Bright With Stars (This one is technically a textbook so I don’t want to read it all before classes start… but it’s so good!)

Mindful Writing (another textbook, but this one is hilarious, I promise.)

Watership Down (who knew bunnies could be so epic?! Don’t watch the movie though, I’ve heard it’s terrible.)

The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis


What I’ve Finished

Well, nothing really. I wonder when that became common–I used to read probably three novels a week. Now it takes me almost a month. This is no fair–I need my life back! *sigh* I’ll do better next time, I promise.

Thanks for reading,




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