Drama Challenge, Day 21

Day 21: Your favorite noona romance.

There is only one, in my mind. The noona romance to end all noona romances. The ultimate noona romance with the best actor ever. You already know I love him, but the show’s spectacular too–and the romance is amazing. Give it up for…

I Hear Your Voice. I cannot express how much I love Lee Jong Suk. He’s amazing. So I’ll let that alone for now and talk about my love for the drama and the romance. Lee Bo Young is an amazing actress (and she’s married to Ji Sung! What?! They look so cute together, too). But Here she’s romancing Lee Jong Suk, as the noona who first helped him imprison his father’s murderer. Now, he’s graduating High School and she works at a law firm… and they are so darn cute together. https://i0.wp.com/asianwiki.com/images/b/b1/I_Hear_Your_Voice-0032.jpgI just can’t even with them. From his initial lovestruck face to the amnesiac stage (oh, that made my heart hurt) to his hiding his recovered memory… sorry, that was a lot of spoilers but I just think they are so so cute!! And her, hoping he won’t be able to read her mind again so he doesn’t know how hard she’s fallen for him. Hehe. So cute. If anyone thinks they know a drama that can top this noona romance, I want to know–because it’ll have to be amazing.

4 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 21

  1. I seriously need to watch this drama already! It’s been on my Must-Watch list for a while but I should definitely get around to it. :D

  2. I haven’t watched this drama yet, despite really wanting to. The only noona romance I really liked was Witch’s romance, but I’m pretty sure I hear your voice beats it hands down. lol

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