Drama Challenge, Day 21

Day 21: Your favorite Ahjussi romance.

No!! I don’t want to only have ten days left! I like this whole “daily challenge” thing a lot… if anybody has another one, please tell me or send me a link through the site–I’m interested in doing it again sometime. But that’s not what today’s challenge is, and dramas deserve to have the spotlight now. I don’t know if they mean “older couple” romance by this or romance where the guy’s way older (because that’s sometimes ick) or what–so I’m just gonna give my interpretation. And the winner is…

All About My Romance. I can’t say this for the rest of the drama–but the first eight episodes of them falling in love were hilarious. I don’t know if Shin Ha-Kyun really counts as an Ajhussi (he’s 42 now, only 39 when he filmed this drama) but the story itself felt like he was meant to be an ahjusshi, not a spry twenty something. And the hilarity. Oh my–the immaturity! I have several friends with vastly different political views than me–and it was a hoot to see our on screen OTP take to some of the antics I *almost* wish I could do sometimes. Like knock down doors with fire extinguishers.

Be warned, this is not a recommendation to watch the whole drama–I loved the first half, detested the second (they just went around… and around… and around in circles, losing the funny along the way). But the romance was my favorite in the beginning, enough that it won out over other contenders. Plus there’s a side romance that’s truly an ajhussi romance–and they’re super cute too.


3 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 21

  1. I loved the romance between KIm Min Jung’s character and his friend’s younger sister in Gentleman’s dignity. There were my best couple actually. Haven’t watched All about romance.

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