Just a Thought… People are puzzles

Super busy day today, I’ve only just had time to sit down and finish my posts. So today’s thought is a bit abbreviated–but no less interesting for me. Here we go!


“Oh, there are people who think like that, too.” That’s interesting–people are interesting. What makes them tick–what makes them laugh and cry and get offended? In my eyes people are puzzles, and by studying them I learn how to interact with them. It’s not as creepy as it sounds, I promise. I’m a people watcher, that’s all. Any fellow introvert will know how intriguing people are. Have you ever seen someone pass you by and had an immediate life’s story filter through your head? That’s how I see people. I know that’s not really their life, though–and so I often turn to the media to watch “people”.

I understand books and movies don’t give an accurate representation of reality… but neither does the news, let’s be honest. Or Facebook, or Instagram or Snapchat or anything else we use to “see” into someone else’s life. When we  share “ourselves” with others we have the instinct to hide, to put on a mask or put only our best foot forward. For that reason, I think books can be just as valid as any other source for human study. I’m an author–and I want to make the characters as human and realistic as possible. If your audience cannot relate, the book suffers.

This entire thought process was recently called into question by my current crack drama, W (of course.) As a part of the major premise involves fake people becoming real, I began to question how I think about fictional characters. When you stare into the Abyss, does it stare back? I’ve often felt like my characters were writing themselves rather than having my hand guide them through the plot. That’s not to say they’re real–just puzzling.

Perhaps the most puzzling thing about people is intent. Too often we say one thing and mean something else–or hesitate to say what we want to clearly because we’re afraid of offending someone or doing the wrong thing. This lack of boldness only hinders us later when we need to take a true stand on our beliefs. People puzzle me because we all see the world through a filter of our own perceptions–and when our perceptions aren’t matching with reality, the situation takes an odd turn. So maybe, I’m really just puzzled by myself–and what perceptions shape my reality. Just a thought, really.

Thanks for reading,


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