Drama Challenge, Day 20

Day 20: Favorite drama from a non-romance related genre.

Well, anyone who’s read my top 3 post knows what drama this is. Regardless, it still deserves some more recognition–because really, this show is just. That. Good. Yes, give it up for…

Signal. I love cop shows, I love cop novels. There’s just something about a good mystery that intrigues me to no end (probably, y’know, the mystery). But Signal managed to combine it with my other favorite love–fantasy. I can look through my top ten favorites for any given media and easily name the standout favorites–and they almost all have an element of the supernatural. Signal is tightly written, emotionally impacting and superbly acted. Good job, show. ^^ I’ll watch you again soon.



3 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 20

  1. Ah indeed what a good show it turned out to be, though I didn’t watch it live, only a few weeks ago and I’m glad I did
    Good to see your blog, you almost have the same thoughts as mine :) although I’m not near that long list of your watched dramas, but trying to catch up the good ones, I just finished W2W *thumps up*

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