Drama Challenge, Day 19

Day 19: Drama that started your obsession towards a particular actor/actress.

Well. I’m not passing up this opportunity. Without further ado,

Pinnochio, Lee Jong Suk.

Heheh. I’m really glad this came around, I’m always happy to talk about how much I love Lee Jong Suk. It still feels a little bit awkward to fangirl online (instead of in person where I have a live audience to watch me squeal and smile at me), and I really have no more time this morning, so I can only give you a few pictures. But rest assured, a full freak-out is coming soon. ^^ Bless my list making skills.

... Bandar Bola Terbaik – Lee Jong Suk Akan Perankan Antagonis Di VIPLee Jong Suk для MVIO S/S 2015 - Фотосессии... Ridiculously adorable sides of Lee Jong Suk from the MVIO S/S campaignLee Jong Suk Reveals What It Was Like to Receive Praise for His Acting ...

I first saw LJS in Pinocchio and–after my initial shock that someone could actually make that hair-carpet look good–I decided I really, really liked this guy. Then he got a haircut, and I died. But I’ve thought a lot of actors were hot before, and it took me the first three episodes of I Can Hear Your Voice to realize I was well and truly obsessed. That started the picture list. And the emails of the picture list to friends. And my half-done watch-through of Secret Garden (sorry, LJS, but some things I just can’t finish for you). I might even watch Doctor Stranger for him. Maybe. Now I can freely admit he’s the only actor I want a giant mural of on my wall. Someday. Someday it’ll happen. Thanks you, Pinocchio, for giving me Lee Jong Suk.


PS (Updtate). An appreciation of how attractive he is doesn’t mean I don’t love his acting skills, too. I can always identify with his characters and feel like laughing when they smile, crying when they cry, and anger when they anger.


4 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 19

  1. Lee Jong Suk is a great favorite to have! I loved him in both Pinocchio and I Hear Your Voice. He didn’t have a big part in Secret Garden and it was my first time seeing him, but I liked him in it.

    Have you seen School 2013? I didn’t like the drama as a whole, but I really loved Lee Jong Suk in it! His bromance with Kim Woo Bin was the only good part of the drama for me. But most fans LOVE School 2013. I was just atypical with that one, lol.

    • I’m not a huge fan of school dramas as a rule (I Hear Your Voice was only partly one, and I did like it) but I have considered watching it. Right now I’m just basking in glorious W: Two Worlds and thanking the heavens that my favorite actor and writer got together for some Kdrama goodness.

  2. Yup, it was UhmForce in The Devil/Mawang. :) He was my favourie actor for years after that and I pretty much watched everything of his I could get my hands on. Still love the guy, he’s adorkable but hasn’t been in a drama I liked in a loooong while.

    School 2013 is one of the better school dramas, quite a fiew good characters all around. Plenty of bromance too but a bit lacking in girl power. LJS and Woobs made a great pair, my fave character was still Kwak Jung Wook’s as Jung Ho though.

  3. I just started School 2013 and it’s Good. Full of FEELS and I understand why some people call Lee Jong Suk a Puppy because he is adorable in it, I want to cuddle him and bring him home. Seriously. Lol. Haven’t watched Pinocchio but it’s on my to-watch-list.
    I never really liked him until I started W, but he has a strange kind of charm- I thought he looked lanky and awkward before I saw him act, but now I totally understand why he is so popular! So yeah he is definitely Obsession Worthy!

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