Monday Motivation: Make the Time

I got to see a close family member last week after a long separation. To finally hear them, talk with them, eat lunch and spend time together was amazing. But what blew me away further still was how much I’d forgotten of their character. I’ve never met a more loving person in my life. Soon after their re-arrival I discovered them playing with the youngest member of my family, giving up a more entertaining social engagement “to spend some time with them.” They never just fit family into the cracks of their life–the make the time to spend with them. And that’s where my motivation for the week comes from.

image via momastery

It’s scary, how fast time passes us by. I had years, then months and weeks before I had to say goodbye to my family and start a new phase of life. Now it’s turning into days and hours. I might not always have them close by, but that in no way means I’m letting go of them–and this week what motivates me is the chances I have to show them I love them, to spend more time with them, to care for them as much as I can. The thought of a hug from a family member can work wonders on a long day. Sitting to talk with a parent about nothing in particular brings a similar feeling of contentment. But these experiences don’t often just fall into your lap–I mentioned before, you have to make time for them. So this week I want to make the time to love my family.

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