Drama Challenge, Day 18

Day 18: Your favorite second female lead in a drama.

Well, they won’t be a meany-pants, that’s for sure. I can’t stand it when our only option for the second female lead is a snarky, underhanded, childish woman who wants nothing more than to ruin our heroine’s life. That’s not cool, sister. Not cool. And so I usually go in more for the helpful, best-friend second leads. And my favorite one is…

Hwang Joo-Yeon, Marriage Contract. After looking the drama up to get her name again (I’m terrible with names, seriously) I do realize there was another second female lead in this drama, Seo Na-Yoon. But I honestly didn’t remember her as much (mostly because I’m not a super fan of the actress), and I absolutely loved Joo-Yeon. Marriage Contract, for me, is one of those dramas whose characters make it rise above the rest into something special. There’s a depth to them that I don’t find in many other dramas. And I absolutely loved the friendship between Joo-Yeon and Hye-soo, our lead. I loved her sacrifices to look after Hye-soo’s daughter, and her pep talks to her friend, and her budding romance with the store manager. I loved her defending Hye-soo to Ji-hoon and her at once cautious-but-go-for-it attitude. Everybody needs a friend like her. Thanks, Kim So-Jin, you made your character a favorite. ^^


still via dailymotien


2 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 18

  1. Love love loved her character. She was the definition of friendship.
    Mine is KIm Seul gi in oh my ghostess.
    And nobody likes mean second leads. K-dramas need to start making female second leads nice human beings, and not people you want to throw off your screen.

    • Seriously! I don’t need that much therapeutic anger.

      I’ve never seen Oh My Ghostess, but I’ve heard good things. I’m glad it has a good second lead–the only thing I dislike more than a hateable one is an underdeveloped one.

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