Drama Challenge, Day 17

Day 17: Your favorite sidekick drama character.

There was no question about this one. None at all. I read it, looked at my brother and we both went: Ajhummmmma!!

Hacker Ajhumma, Healer. I cracked up every time I watched her make Kimbap while they chased down the baddies. I laughed when she hacked his phone. I cried when she had to leave her super secret hideout. She cleaned up super well to meet with Teacher, and I basically think she’s the one I want to have my back for all the days of the week. Other dramas might have fun sidekicks and cute bromances–but there’s really nothing like Ajhumma to cheer you up. My heart even broke with her tragic backstory. Ajhumma is the first role I saw Kim Mi-Kyoung play, and it took me a while to recognize her without the frizzy hair and kimbap. That’s how good she is. I loved you, Ajhumma, thanks for being our Healer-ya’s sidekick!

https://i0.wp.com/asianwiki.com/images/5/53/Healer-0006.jpgimage via asianwiki

, feature image via a really pretty foreign blog


3 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 17

  1. She was hilarious. And such a different character. I had already seen her in several other dramas. So i was so shocked to see her in healer play someone completely crazy. Lol.
    My best side kick was Dong shik in Misaeng. He was just so supportive for whatever crazy plan was made. And i just loved him. Too much.

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