Drama Challenge, Day 16

Day 16: Drama that ruined a fondness for an actor/actress that you previously liked.

Frankly speaking, I don’t watch a drama for the actors, so I don’t tend to find fault with them when a drama goes south. There is one drama, however, that I’ve avoided watching for fear that my image of the actor will be ruined forever. And the award goes to…

Remember–Son’s War. I read the recaps. I followed part of the story. Gyu-man is a sleazeball, Dan-te is not. I don’t think I could watch Namgoong Min rock a bad character as hard as he did and then ever watch him as a romance lead again. Ever. Except that I’ve heard some good things about the drama and I really want to watch it. Should I risk it?

 photo Remember15-00010a.jpg

image via DB photobucket

As a side note, Trot Lovers also has a “do not watch” label for the moment–Shin Sung-rok scared the daylights out of me in You Who Came From the Stars (my first Kdrama) and I still don’t want to watch him run around with that hair and… I heard something about bunny ears?

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5 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 16

  1. Lol. Risk it. Nam Goong min was scary. And it made me appreciate him more as an actor. I really don’t think it will ruin your fondness.
    At first, It was so awkward watching Shin song rook as a good guy. i just couldnt picture him as his character. He was just the scary guy to me. But it got better after a while. A little bit better
    Madam Antoine ruined my fondness for Sung Joon. When watching this drama, It finally occured to me that his acting is just not up to par. And now I won’t be looking forward to his dramas.

  2. Let me know if you decide to because I can’t decide if I should risk it too. 😝
    Or you can be like me and wait for his movie to come out since he is a baddie there. And if I can take 2 hours of him being bad, I’d dare to try a full length drama.
    I actually think Shin Sung Rok is more suited for bad guy roles. I saw him in Thank You and he was very underwhelming. Then I saw him in Liar Game and he was AWESOME. Granted he had probably just started acting when he did Thank You but I still think he rocks the bad guy persona much better.

    • That’s kinda how I feel when I see Shin Sung-Rok. I look at that smile and wonder, “will I wake up tomorrow, or will I be dead?”. It’s that kind of smile.

      I’ll for sure let you know if I start Remember. When does his movie come out?

      • 2017. All the cool bad guys are coming out next year- Jang Hyuk also has a movie where he is a baddie, and now Lee Jong Suk too!

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