A list of Chocolate

Chocolate? Who hoards chocolate? Psh. No way. I certainly don’t keep a stash of raspberry chocolate bars in my nightstand. (Who am I kidding here? I totally had one last night.) My list of chocolate consists of less reason to like it (psh, who needs a reason–it’s chocolate!) and more of the ways in which I continually devour it.


  1. Raspberry Chocolate. I absolutely adore raspberry chocolate. I know many people aren’t a fan of fruity chocolatey goodness but that doesn’t really matter–it just means more for me.
  2. Tim-Tams. These Australian chocolate wafer-and-cream cookies are to die for. Have you ever heard of a Tim-Tam Slam? I only do it with Hot Cocoa, and it’s pretty fantastic.
  3. Girl Scout Mint cookies. Oh my gosh I could eat these all day. They’re alternately Keebler’s Grasshopper cookies or whatever the store brand equivalent is. I like them even better than the ones with coconut, which is practically blaspheme to a few friends of mine.
  4. Brookside Chocolate covered fruits. I don’t know who invented these, but I love them. The food and the person. My gained three pounds loves them too, which is a potential problem.
  5. Chocolate covered Cinnamon Bears. These are a guilty pleasure. I only ever get them in the really big bags, and then they (potentially) last for days.
  6. Caramel Chocolate. There are too many good ones to name. There is one in particular that I love–it’s got caramel and chocolate and mousse and a little hazelnut in the center–but I can’t find it right now.
  7. Devil’s food cake. Not just regular chocolate cake–oh no. Give me a proper Devil’s Food cake, where you make it with a pudding pack and get the extra moist delicious goodness. Which reminds me of another favorite…
  8. Skor cake. It has a few other names… but I know it as Skor cake (or Score cake–as in “we get to have this for dessert? Score!”) I. Love. This. Cake.
  9. Chocolate brownie fudge ice cream. There’s really nothing like a good ol’ bowl of double chunk chocolate brownie fudge ice-cream. This one’s good, although you need to add the brownie yourself.
  10. Which leads to Brownies. My mother has a recipe for brownie’s that’ll knock your socks off. It’s the perfect balance of gooey and firm, chocolatey goodness with a layer of powdered sugar to top it. A big pan of these doesn’t even last the week.

I could go on, but this post has to end somewhere. I guess ten is a good enough number. Basically, chocolate makes everything better in this world, and I can’t get enough of it. What are your favorite ways to eat it?

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3 responses to “A list of Chocolate

  1. Chocolate! Yummmmm. My favourite has got to be liquor chocs. I will take almost any kind of liquor chocs, they are that awesome – rum & raisin, kahlúa, Grand Marnier, amaretto etc etc. A close second is chocolate bars with raisins (like Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut bar).

  2. Have you tried hot chocolate with a scoop of Nutella added? It’s out-of-this-world awesome. I never drink hot chocolate at home without it anymore.

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