Drama Challenge, Day 15

Day 15: Drama that you watched in full, but was a waste of your time in retrospect.

This one’s a little bit hard, actually. I’m normally very good about dropping shows I no longer enjoy. I’ve already expressed a bit of my distaste for Big Man, so I don’t want to rag on it again. But there is one other drama I wish I hadn’t watched…


Who Are You? My qualms with this drama do not lie with Taec’s acting, believe it or not. I’ve never found him to be truly lacking in that area–rather I thought he acted better than his female counterpart for this drama. He portrayed an earnestness and a love for her that I never quite got from her (although she was better in the flashbacks… with the second lead?) More than anything, it was just the execution of the plot that I felt lacked finesse. And they utterly wasted their second lead (Kim Jae Wook), who I later learned even chose this as his comeback project. I could see the terrific acting chops of this guy in the flashbacks and the beginning–I love him–and then he did nothing more than beckon soulfully for the rest of the drama. He never even woke up to contend for his girl! I was utterly disappointed. I’ve watched some good “I see dead people” dramas, and this wasn’t one of them. Sorry, Who Are You, I now regret knowing you. (Ooh, I cringed at that pun.)

https://i2.wp.com/www.koreandrama.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Who-Are-You-01.jpgimages via koreandrama.org

5 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 15

  1. There have been a fiew over the years, especially when I was still a noob and didn’t know any better. These days I drop dramas pretty darned fast if they start to bore or annoy me, or if I just loose interest somewhere along the way. :) Which is why I can’t remember any recent ones as those I wasn’t too keen on during their run but still finished, don’t really count, ha.

  2. Haven’t watched this drama. But I have heard so many things about it and how the second lead was underused. Lol. Didn’t he read the script to know that he was going to utterly unused? It’s even sadder that it was his comeback drama. Or maybe the part of the script available to him were mostly the flashbacks.
    The drama I felt was a waste of time is Oh My Venus. I liked the first few episodes. And i love the leads. I finished that drama just to finish it. And then after the drama, I realised there was nothing I gained. There was no story and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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