Drama Challenge, Day 14

Day 14: Drama Villain that you loved to hate or sympathized with.

I’m going to pretend this is another instance where they made a typo and it really reads and one you sympathized with. Because those are two very different categories, and each one has a character (and actor) that deserves recognition. Some villains just do the genre proud. Here’s my top two…

I loved to hate Song Cha-Ok, Pinocchio. Usually when I think of love-to-hate Kdrama villains, my mind jumps to gorgeous killers a-la Girl Who Sees Smells. But the crown for all-time favorite villain still lies on the head of Song Cha-Ok, corrupt reporter and cold mother of Choi In-ha. There was just something about her unbending demeanor, her decisive, shameless nature in false reporting or her elegance in admitting it. I loved her redemption as well–seamlessly transitioning from one side to the other. Kudos, Jin Kyung. You’re one talented lady.

Jin Kyung como Song Cha Okthe blog this image was from was removed, so it’s just… floating around in a search engine, I guess.

I sympathized with Lawyer Jung, I Remember you. Park Bo-gum, the things you do to my heaaaaart! I liked this villain so much it was dangerous. I’ve never wanted to understand a serial killer so badly before in my life, and it still scares me a bit how much I wanted to find a loophole for him to crawl through–or how easily I moved past the fact that he’d killed people. I can’t say I ever agreed with his reasons to kill people (mostly because it never delved too deeply into who/how/why he killed), but I felt terrible for him and often wanted to excuse his actions and blame Jung-ho. And I’ll admit to thinking once: I’m sure the victims must’ve deserv–no! once. Basically, I’ll have to steel myself on the rewatch not to fall into his honeytrap of a character. Long live the bromance!… but go to prison, please? Oof, my heart hurts again.


still via Kdrama Kisses, along with the feature image.


6 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 14

  1. Yep. Lawyer Jung was the villain I really sympathized with. He was so amazing. I loved his character. So I get you. Lol.
    The villain I loved to hate was in City Hunter. The man who adopted Lee Min Ho. I loved his badassness. He wanted vengeance and he was determined to use City Hunter to get it. But he was really cool.

  2. Yes, Min/Lawyer Jung was such a sympathetic villain. We knew just how damaged he was and the horrible circumstances that led to his being killer. Very sad.

    Have you seen Signal? There’s a serial killer in it that is pretty sympathetic. He’s not a main character, just in it for a couple episodes. But he has a very sad story. It’s a bit more disturbing than Lawyer Jung because we actually see the guy in Signal kill people. But it is all still very heart wrenching and you just want the guy to find peace.

    • Are you thinking of the guy who kidnapped women and got Soo-Hyun for a bit? The one who fell in love? That was so sad and scary and that entire drama. Just so much love for that drama.

      • Yes, that’s the one. His little story arc left quite an impression. I remember how disturbed I felt when he killed the girl he loved because I actually felt bad for both of them in the situation. But a lot of the credit goes to Lee Sang Yeob for really showing what a conflicted and sad character that was. Definitely an amazing drama!

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