Monday Motivation: On Failing

Saturday night was hard. Really hard. I felt overwhelmed and out of my element at work all night–and worse, like I was a burden to my coworkers. Thankfully I kept it together until I was on my way home. But the less than stellar day had one silver lining: it brought back a few thoughts on failure. One of my favorite quotes (and one I’ve shared previously here), states:

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

I will try again tomorrow, and that quote helped me last night. But while those words also gave strength, it’s not the focus of my motivation today. My inspiration this week is in remembering it’s okay to fail.


Nobody goes skiing for the first time on a black diamond. Nobody takes multi-variable calculus for Freshman math. But inevitably, we all find ourselves thrown into situations way over our head–and need to learn to fail.

Public lessons inevitably come, and it’s unreasonable to expect perfection of yourself the first time you try something new. Failing builds the knowledge that you will not break. It helps you realize where you turn for help, if you do at all. Failing builds your stamina and tests your resolve. It’s more than just okay to fail–it should be welcomed. Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn from past mistakes. I know this upcoming week will present further challenges, and I will not handle them perfectly after a singly try. But I was reminded of one thing: it’s okay to fail. I’m still nervous–but this week, through my failures and successes, I will be motivated to get up and try again tomorrow.

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4 responses to “Monday Motivation: On Failing

  1. Oh man, powerful words. Not easy to accept… for perfectionists, lol. But really a truth that can’t be denied – failing is more than okay.
    Also, way to go! You’re stepping out and that really is courage. :D

  2. Hope your week is starting off well :) I’m going back to work soon after a year off and I am dreading how incompetent I am going to be and feel… So I can totally understand how you feel. Most important is getting up and carrying on like you said, and the feeling will pass soon enough :)
    And take heart! Wednesday is coming soon which means W is almost here! ;)

    • Yesss! W makes everything better. And thanks for the well wishes–things did take a turn for the better with the start of the week. I believe in you! Good luck starting work again! ^^

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