Drama Challenge, Day 13

Day 13: Western Series (or movie) you think could be adapted into a drama.

I’m going to assume this rules out dramas already adapted (or similarly themed) as western shows. I mean dramas like The Good Wife, Entourage, and Signal (similar to the movie Frequency). This aside, there are a few shows I think would make good Kdramas. Here’s my top pick:

Drop Dead Diva. Body swapping, a hilarious cast and set in the world of both modelling and law? Not to mention angst filled romance as our heroine hides her identity from her leading man. There’s even a super sneaky second female lead to rag on! It sounds like it was made for Korean tv.https://i0.wp.com/chickstermag.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Drop-dead-diva.jpg image via chickster.

For those unfamiliar with Drop Dead Diva, it’s about an aspiring model who dies and ends up in a plus sized lawyer’s body. She learns to put her new smarts and old fashion savvy to work on client cases, all the while longing for/hiding from her old fiance, who’s struggling to get over her “death”.

The only problem I see with this adaption happening–and it pains me to admit it–is the change from size 0 model to plus sized attorney. I loved the messages in the original series about loving yourself and not discriminating on size, but I do wonder if that aspect would stay in a Korean remake. Although it has recently (hopefully) taken a turn for the better, beauty (defined as skinny, incredibly well proportioned and more skinny) is very important in South Korea, possibly the capital of the world for plastic surgery. I could almost see them swapping the premise to have our plus sized lawyer die and rejoin the law firm as a Skinny Minnie. I would much rather watch the original, if that were the case. Either way, I think the show would be a hit in dramaland. Thoughts?


image via Hollywood reporter, feature image via vulture.


4 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 13

  1. I did like this show! though I think I only watched one season… or until her guardian angel got changed…
    I agree that its highly likely the kdrama remake would change her to a size 0-2 because just look at who is acting as the weightlifter in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo- nothing against the actress, but she has sticks for arms and legs! Finally a show where they could cast someone not skinny and well, they choose a super skinny actress.

  2. Oh, you are so right about the remake. I was sad to see the show end. But, i agree, it would be hard to get an actress who will be comfortable to take on the lead role as a plus size lawyer/model who isn’t used as a comedic side chick, but one who gets the hot lead. Let’s see how kdrama will be comfortable with this idea.

  3. I love drop dead diva and it will be really nice as a kdrama. But, you are right. They will kill the plus sized actress instead. Or they will make her lose weight in the middle. Somehow.
    There is this movie I watched as a child; Mrs winterborne. There was this lady who was running away from someone or so. She met this guy on a train and then there was an accident on the train and then he lost his memory. So she pretended to be his wife to his super rich family. Lots of comedy ensued and they ended up falling in love etc.
    I think it will be an interesting as a kdrama. Amnesia, anyone? Plus fake identity, romance, comedy. Lol

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