Why Books: August 11, 2016

I have a few books I’ve finished this time, but first–a word from our favorite entertainment, W.

W: Holy crap, holy freaking crap. That episode had aaalll the emotions. Happy, gleeful, poignant, downright freaked out. Who knew you could feel so much all within the last ten minutes? Please, let this two week intermission for Olympics pass quickly.

And now, back to our program.

Why books: because let’s face it, who really wants to study for that math quiz tomorrow? Textbooks are much less interesting–pick up a good novel instead. You can learn just as much, and get a good story as bonus points.

What I’m Reading

Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett (I’m almost halfway through, I like taking my time on a re-read.)

My Webtoons (Still caught up on ToG and Super Secret, reading SID and Dice. And the Gamer. And the Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn.)

To My Friends, Elder Holland (this is a collection of talks by him, I love them.)

The Sky is Bright With Stars (this is technically my textbook for a Chinese class–a collection of essays in Chinese–but it’s really interesting and I like it.)

https://i1.wp.com/wordofthenerdonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/17/Oscar-Zahn-3-228x350.jpg The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn image via wordofthenerdonline.

What I’ve Finished

The Hogfather, Terry Pratchett (Ooh, such a good book. Really, one of my favorites. The movie’s good too!

The Earl’s Betrothal, Karen Tuft (This one was cute, a quick read and fun to pass a few hours time. I actually finished it a few weeks ago, I’d just forgotten about it.)

Simply Anna, Jennifer Moore (This book wasn’t worth it. If I’m going to spend my time reading fluff, I want it to be well done fluff.)


Up Next

Well, I need another Terry Pratchett to read… and a few others.

The Problem of Pain, CS Lewis (I never did finish this one, I need to pick it back up)

The Way of Kings (because college is stressful and Kaladin makes me feel better.)

https://images.duckduckgo.com/iur/?f=1&image_host=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.emusic.com%2Fbooks%2Fimages%2Fbook%2F0%2F101%2F285%2F10128588%2F300x300.jpg&u=http://cf-images.emusic.com/books/images/101/285/10128588/300x300.jpgimage via eStories.

I’ve really let my reading slip this summer, which is too bad. But I’ve watched a lot of good drama because of it, which is good. And I’ve made some good money working. None of this, however, can substitute a few hours alone with a good book. Hopefully I’ll make some time in the next two weeks and get some serious reading done. I won’t have W to watch, after all.

Thanks for reading,




6 responses to “Why Books: August 11, 2016

  1. I’m mostly just trying to get ahead with my Korean textbook in preparationg for the course I enroled in. They use a different one there but as the subject matter is more or less the same… I’m on my 3rd re-read now and next I should tackle the grammar/practise part.

    I haven’t read much fiction in the past months but inspired by the Mystic Nine I got the first 6 books of Grave Robber’s Cronicles (that have been translated to English) and read them in 2 days. Yeah, went a bit nuts there but I just coudn’t stop! Good thing I was still on vacation. :)

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