Drama Challenge, Day 11

Day 11: Drama Pairing that you thought would have great chemistry… but they didn’t.

I’m normally pretty easy to please when it comes to chemistry between actors. I do this whole thing where I start imagining their thoughts (and since I’m the one imagining of course the thoughts are done well), and that makes me see all their flaws as intentional acting choices somehow. There is one couple, however, that I just could not see for the life of me. And the unlucky couple is…

Poster via asianwiki.

Kang Ji-hwan and Lee Da-hee, Big Man. Unfortunately, I loved the premise for this drama. It sounded wacky and out there and required so much suspension of disbelief–but who hasn’t done that for a drama before? I even enjoyed the first few episodes and it’s oddly fitting music. But it never got better, and my OTP never seemed to fall in love for a good reason. He just got googly eyes one day and fell head over heels for her. After that, I think my dissatisfaction with the drama in general spilled over into my views on our OTP. There was too much corporate politics going on and not enough heart hunting, in my opinion.


poster via fanpop.

3 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 11

  1. I hate when they do not show how the leads fell in love. No journey. They just fall head over heels just like that and you are left wondering, “but how did this happen?” So I can totally understand why you wouldn’t like their pairing.
    Mine was Madame Antoine. And it’s for a similar reason. I just couldn’t understand how she fell in love with him, and I really couldn’t see any love on his part as well. To me, there was practically no chemistry whatsoever. And I had some pretty high expectations. I wish their story was told better.

    • I had planned on watching that one too–the premise sounded so fun–but as soon as I saw the reactions it got from people (people I trust to have my same taste in shows) I decided against it.

      And I totally agree about the “no journey” thing for love. I don’t care so much that they have a reason for loving each other (as in XYZ habits are my favorite) so long as I get to see they had a journey towards love.

    • Never watched Big Man but reviews I read weren’t so favorable, so I never was interested. Oh, I TOTALLY agree with Candid Hassey about Madame Antoine! I totally didn’t like that drama either and dropped it, lol. And yes, I felt zero chemistry.

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