Drama Challenge, Day 10

Day 10: Drama Pairing that you didn’t think would have any chemistry but they did.

We’re a third of the way through! This has really been so much fun for me to do–it’s allowed me to revisit some old favorites and think more about different shows I’ve watched.

And the adorable couple I didn’t expect is… Beautiful Gong-shim’s Dan-te and Gong-shim. Or even the three of them, Jun-su included (I love their friendship so much). When I watched the trailers for this drama I can’t say I was terribly impressed–I started the first episode during a free period at school mainly out of boredom. But even from the first episode Dan-te’s antics pulled me in (Nam Goong Min did a fantastic job here) and I felt sparks between him and our fiesty heroine. Maybe it was that she actually pulled his hair, maybe it was that she honestly didn’t seem to care what others thought–maybe it was the wig–but for whatever reason that first episode lit a candle for our OTP together and apart. The more I watched, the more I found those trailers didn’t do the show justice–they didn’t capture the quirky, hilarious nature or the sudden touching moments this drama gave us. So yeah, I was surprised by their chemistry. I hope to see them both in future projects. ^^


images via ask kpop and Nadratul Syazwana


2 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 10

  1. Completely agree! I had to no idea what to expect from this couple, and then they came in and completely stole my heart :)

  2. Yeah. So true. Totally unexpected. Loved dan te and gong shim.
    Mine was splash splash love. Because I knew kim Seul as someone who played funny characters, So, I was pleasantly surprised by the chemistry between her and the male lead. Now I just can’t wait for them to play leads in a full length drama.

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