Drama Challenge, Day 9

Day 9: Drama scene that broke you.

Really? Really? You wanna do this now?! There are so many! *sigh* I’ll limit myself to three (I should really probably just be doing one for each of these, but whatever. Drama is love.) Do be warned, the first is an incredibly emotionally charged scene that would probably be labeled a spoiler elsewhere. Read at your own risk.

#1 Signal, episode 14-15:when Jae-han arrives too late to save Hae-Young’s brother. Oof. This show has a lot of breaking moments (when Jae-han sits in the theater alone, for instance), but this is the one that broke me. I’d been prepping for this moment all series long, almost as much as Jae-han’s death. And once the show started in on the background of hyung’s death the pain grew even worse. I sat on the edge of my seat hoping, praying that he could be saved. They’d done it before, after all. They’d killed people who ought to have lived and brought back those who’d died. And it seemed so close. So close. And to watch it all unfold as he tried to make his way there–even bleeding out as he was–just broke my heart. Because it was too late, and he was still dead. It took place over an episode break, which made it even worse. I got all sorts of hopes built up–even foolish ones–that this once, just this once they could get everything right. But no. And I cried.

https://i1.wp.com/i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2016/Signal/Signal_14/Signal14-00931.jpg Signal still via DB photobucket

#2 Marriage Contract, episode 2:when Hye-soo cries in the bathroom. You know you’re going to be a mess by the end of a drama when it’s episode two and you’re already crying. I hadn’t seen much of our heroine at this point but I knew enough to just break when she went into the bathroom to cry. I mean, how much sweeter and heartbreaking can you be, leaving the room and hiding so that your daughter doesn’t hear you cry? It was so early on in the drama but such a powerful scene.

https://cozybooks.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/2b1d0-mc205.jpg?w=470 Marriage Contract Still via my korean drama

#3 My Love From Another Star, episode 11:when Do Min-Joon kissed Cheon Song-yi in the frozen time at the lake (it was an ending scene.) This scene probably wouldn’t hurt so hard now–but My Love From Another Star was my first kdrama. And I didn’t know movies or television could hit you straight in the feels like that. I’d already thought that scene was emotional, with the beginning of some fairly noble idiocy going on (albeit I still think he has a fairly better reason than most). But then watching that ending scene tipped me over the edge. He loved her so much, but couldn’t bear to let her stay. Cliched, but their acting makes all the difference.

https://soulsrebel.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/ebb384ec9790ec849c-ec98a8-eab7b8eb8c80-e11-140122-hdtv-film-x264-720p-lte23-44-47.jpg?w=470MLFAS still via ohkpop


2 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 9

  1. I’m generally pretty resilient when it comes to angst but the ending of Karei Naru turned me into a sobbing wreck. It took me litterally days to get over it and the OST made me tear up even months after. I’ve no idea why this particular drama had such an effect on me. It’s a great show regardless of how the story plays out.

  2. Awww. Those scenes were really sad.
    Lol. It’s impossible to name one scene. Yes. Drama is love.
    There are so many scenes that have broken me.
    In bridal mask, whenever joo won cried, i bawled.
    Then in reply 1997, The scene the mum called the drama writers and asked them to change the ending of the drama to a happy one just broke me.
    And the scene in shut up flower boy band that Lee Jun ki’s character died really broke me. I cried so hard and for so long. I had already fallen in love with him and even thought he was the main lead, so It was shocking and unexpected when he was killed. That damn truck of doom.

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