Why K-dramas: August 5, 2016

Is it really true? I get to rant about K-dramas this week? Oh bless the heavens! I really wanted to spend my entire books post last week squealing over W, but I didn’t. I think. But I can this week!

My Reason to watch K-drama: Because when you find a really good show, it means you get two episodes a week instead of one.


Upcoming and Excited

Jealousy Incarnate (I’m just kinda low-key excited for this one. I watched the trailer and thought it looked pretty cute, it’ll be a nice change from some of the more intense stuff I’m watching right now.)

Jealousy Incarnate » Korean Dramaimage from koreandrama.org

What I’m Watching

W: Two Worlds (ep. 6 *heart melts, brain explodes and the universe rolls over* it’s ok! I’m ok! I’m not dying of happiness or anything over here! And because this is my blog, I get to discuss the preview if I want to. I totally rewatched the teaser to ring check him, and yup. He was telling the truth. I’m so excited.^^)

Let’s Fight Ghost (ep. 8 aww, how cute!! I really think people aren’t giving Taecyeon enough credit for the job he’s doing here. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else in the role pulling it off quite like he does. He acts tsundere so well, playing off the others so well as the straight man. I find it adorable and can’t wait to learn more about the mystery behind his family’s deaths.)

Missing Noir M (ep. 4 I really needed something else to watch while I wait for episodes of the other two, and I didn’t want anything even remotely similar. As in, no romance. Because there would never be enough to satisfy me, and then I’d have three shows I need a romantic payoff from. So I started this, and boy is it good. Are we sure there’s only 10 episodes?)

Queen In-Hyun’s Man (ep. 14 I love this writer so much, but there’s so much justified angst in her shows I just shut down sometimes. And then I need to take the dramas in bite sized pieces, savoring each bit. So I’m finishing up QIHM [finally getting more than the recaps] while I wait for W as well.)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (ep. 3 So I went a little crazy, I know! It takes a lot to distract me from Lee Jong Suk. I started this one for the third time and I think it’s sticking. I’m excited to see him not trying to get rid of her, because I already love her and it hurts.)

Beautiful Mind (ep. 3 I’ve just picked this one back up again, not wanting to risk it if the episode cut would harm the ending too much. But I don’t think it has, and I’m excited to get back into it!)

https://www.viutv.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/W-Two-Worlds-press-conference-743x1024.jpghttps://www.viutv.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Lee-Jong-Suk-W-Two-Worlds.jpgimages from viutv (and how much do I love that he wore that suit? So much.)

Finished Watching

Nothing for now, I’m just starting up a whole new batch of shows. Totally excited! There’ll be more finished ones next time.

Two Worlds: Episode 4 » Dramabeans Korean drama recapsimage still via dramabeans (GF wrote gold–lip-bitey thing does strange things to my heart. Whoo boy.)

How’s that for a drama lineup? Really, it’s a good time to be a kdrama fan. Plus some further out kdramas (K2, the Lee Min-Ho one) that could maybe be good. Til next time!

Thanks for reading,


PS the featured image is from wowkeren. They’re staring at me because they think they should still be first in my heart. Don’t worry, I do love you Let’s Fight Ghost! …I just love W more.)


4 responses to “Why K-dramas: August 5, 2016

  1. I’m behind with almost everything these days, sigh. :( Tons of things to do to during the last two weeks of my vacation and then I just started a new job this week. Well, Mystic Nine is the only show I’m current with. Looks like hot guys raiding toombs is what I need right now, LOL!

    Missing Noir M is quite solid, one of the better OCN shows. My nbr 1 is still VP though. :)

    QIHM is mostly great and has one of the best male leads characters in drama history. It did falter a bit towards the end and I know that some people didn’t much like how they tied up the plot. I had no problems with that though.

    Beautiful Mind didn’t initally interest me much as medical shows aren’t really my thing but I’ve seen so many positive comments about it that I decided to put it on The List.

  2. That’s an impressive line up! I am amazed you can watch so many shows at the same time. 6! I had 5 then it kind of became 3 because I fell behind. lol. Drama watching goals right there XD

    I was contemplating QIHM but I don’t think I can take more than 1 show by the writer at a time.

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