Drama Challenge, Day 8

Day 8: Worst Case of Second Lead Syndrome You’ve ever experienced.

*sigh* so it’s one of my deep dark secrets that I openly try not to get SLS. I just don’t want to attach myself to them so much that I want them to get the girl. But there have been a few times where I just wish the heroine would split herself in half so there was enough to go around. And the worse case goes to… (drumroll please)

I Remember You, Kang Eun Hyuk.

KBS Drama 2015] I Remember You (Jang Na Ra, Seo In Guk, Lee Chun Hee ...image from 360kpop

Lee Chun Hee. You broke my heart. Into a million tiny glistening pieces on the floor. I really wanted you to at least end up with someone. You were so cute! And adorable! And I loved you so so much! Arrrgh even thinking of it now makes me wish there were two of her. But I don’t want to objectify the lady, so I’m glad there’s only one. But still! You liked her! But she ended up with Seo In-guk. Because, y’know, SIG. Please be happy, buddy. You were such a good person–I’d totally date you. How does that sound? We can date and leave them to be happy. Please? Smile? No–don’t do that because then I know you’re smiling through the sadness and that hurts even worse. Just cry. Or something.

Yeah, I loved that show–and it was the worst case I ever had of “what? no!!! I know it’s hopeless, but stilllll…”

Remember You: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recapsimage from dramabeans

I know the challenge today only gave room for one, but I just wanted to mention some other bad ones really quick: You’re Beautiful, Jeremy (that bus ride, though. Oof.) and Signal… all of them. I just want Soo-hyun to be happy with Jae-han. And Hae-young… I want you to be happy too!! So subtle, but it broke my heart. Ok, now I’m really done. I’m off to cry… and watch some more kdrama.

https://i2.wp.com/star.koreandrama.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/Lee-Chun-Hee-02.jpgimage from koreandrama.org


5 responses to “Drama Challenge, Day 8

  1. Aww. Loved him too.
    I usually don’t have second lead syndrome, but I remember loving siwon a lot in she was pretty. And I felt so bad for him because she never took him seriously.
    My worst sls though, was in discovery of love. Sung Joon’s character was just so perfect. He was an awesome boyfriend. But yeah, of course she had to go back to Eric. sigh

  2. Hmmmm… I don’t think I’ve ever really had SLS, probably because romance really isn’t the main reason I watch dramas, so I tend to go with the flow when it comes to couples. That said, there are pairings I do like and some I even love but that’s more of an exception than a rule. :)

  3. The only time it happened to me it was in SKKS, I really really wanted YAI to have the girl, his silent protective love just broke me, I never routed for the lead but I didn’t hate him either he was just 3rd lead material for me after YAI & SJK, this was my worst SLS that ever happened,
    oh I was team JH in R88, it was the writer’s fault for misleading us there with his silent swoony one sided love, it was a big heartbreak for me there so it might be an SLS case too
    I had a female SLS once with BVS, the show wasn’t that good, but God how much I hated the female lead, I really wished JCW to end up with the second lead, they had better chemistry too – I might add that I always routed for CYJ in the k2 but not just as a love interest but as the main story arch since the other characters were s**t even my bias JCW (he did well but I didn’t like the character)

    • You’ll have to forgive me, I’m blanking on SKKS long name. ^^ It sounds sad! And little did I know when writing this that I’d watch Jealousy Incarnate (the first half) a few weeks later… I couldn’t even finish the show. It’s not fair to give the second lead such sexy scenes–or let them start dating! if they don’t even get the girl in the end!

      • It’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal, YAI was this rugged disheveled hero that was pinning for the girl, and doing all these sweet things to her, behind her back and in front of her, even the female lead PMY said normally a girl would fall for a guy like this, her’s an MV to see what I’m talking about

        Thanks for the encouragement on Jealousy Incarnate, I was going to watch but I already like KPG, and I don’t want to have another heartbreak if it’s like what you say

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