Drama Challenge, Day 7

Day 7: Your favorite child actors/actresses

Ooh, a fun one too! One name comes immediately to mind, but I’ll think about a boy t–nope, I’ve got ’em both! They’re so cute!! And cute little actors!

Shin Rin-Ah

If any child actor needs an award this year, it’s this one. It’s only a liiiiiittle bit unfair that she’s not even ten and has acting chops like that. This little girl had a major role to play in Marriage Contract and did a stellar job. And when I looked her up, this is not her first rodeo–not by a long shot. She’s got two movies and eight (yes count them eight) dramas under her belt. I don’t know how big the parts were, but I’m sure she did well in them. Such a sweetie, I look forward to her career. *chanting* please don’t let the entertainment industry mess you up please don’t get messed up please please not like in the US.

Shin Rin-Ah-p1.jpg

image from asianwiki

Jo Yeon-ho

Awww, my little mascot!! He was so cute in Entertainer, I think he’s one of my favorite child actors. And also under ten. He’s like 6. How are you so talented?? His dad carried a lot of the deep emotion, yes, but he did a fair job of it too–and he rocked the adorable son parts. Because of being, y’know, adorable. Good work and thank, kid!

Jo Yeon Ho » Korean Actor & Actress

image from koreandrama.org

One response to “Drama Challenge, Day 7

  1. This. Shin Rin Ah was so good. I loved her so much.
    I also love the child actor in plus nine boys. He was so adorable. He made me laugh so much, acting as someone who was a horrible actor. And then when he cried, I cried along with him too.
    I pray they have long and successful careers.

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