Drama Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Guilty pleasure drama that you love to watch, even though you know it’s flawed.

Heh. As if there are soo many uflawed dramas tripping along that I get to watch. But yes, I do admit there have been a few I continue to love (love, love) even though I know they’re really not the cream of the crop. The best example of this for me is…

Murphy’s Law of Love (莫非这就是爱情)

It almost hurts me to admit how flawed this drama is, because on a scale of regular Chinese/Taiwanese dramas to amazing, this one is actually quite well done (maybe Chinese dramas just aren’t to my taste or the best ones aren’t available, but I’ve always found the writing/production value lacking for them). It especially gets kudos for having the OST set to a reasonable level (ie not so loud you can’t hear the actors).

Anyhow, Murphy’s Law of Love remains one of my absolute favorite dramas to watch, even though there’s practically zero plot. I could watch Jiawei pester Xiaotong and vice versa all. day. long. Because there is some serious cute in their relationship. It’s so fluffy and sweet and I’m smiling and giggling to myself even as I write this. Plus, it’s a welcome break from any angst whatsoever (well, there is some angst but it’s not painful. Because there’s no real separation, just more cute pestering). It’s literally one of the happiest dramas I’ve watched. You want a quick run-down of the plot?

He owns a “let’s celebrate your divorce” company. She works at a dating service. They set up shop across the road from each other, and let the hi-jinks commence. You can watch it on viki here. You aren’t convincved? Watch this. Or this. Or this. Or even this. You get the picture, I’m off to watch!


pic from le blog a passion


5 responses to “Drama Challenge: Day 5

  1. Oh, I’ve watched my share of ‘guilty plaesures’ over the years, though I’m not feeling the least bit guilty for them, ha. Sometimes you just like what you like, regardless. E.g ‘Sugarless’ is silly and juvenile as heck but I had a throughly fun time watching it. XD There’s even post for it, lol.

    Muryphy’s Law sounds a lot like the kdrama ‘Love Marriage/Love Match/Matchmaker’s Lover’ from 2008 (it has gzillion English names!). It’s pretty good as k-romcoms go and I loved the OTP. Kim Ji Hoon is adorable! The female lead, Kim Min Hee is predominantly a movie actress now, this was her last drama. She’s great too.

  2. Murphy’s law of love sounds interesting. I love light fluffy dramas. I will check it out.
    My guilty pleasure is secret garden. I love that drama so much. I didn’t even realise it was flawed until I saw some people criticise it on dramabeans. I was like what? But it’s perfect. Lol.
    I have since come to realise there are some flaws with the characters. But love means accepting flaws too. Lol. Hence, secret garden is perfect.

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