Why Books: July 29, 2016

Psh. Who needs books when you have W? Oof. I think I might’ve just blasphemed a bit. You always need books, even when you have a new crack drama to watch as well. So, here’s my reason to read books this week:

They make your work breaks interesting. There’s not always someone in the break room when you are–and even when there is socializing can be a hassle sometimes. So rather than pull out your phone and game until you’re on the clock again, why not bring a good book to read?

And Bonus: they help tide you over until Wed-Thurs, when W airs again. Heh.

What I’m Reading

The Hogfather, Terry Pratchett (writing the review brought back all of my love for that book, so it’s getting yet another reading.)

Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett (I know it’s been on here a few times, I can only offer “I’ve read it before, and there’s W to watch” as an excuse for not finishing by now.)

Weathered to Young, Marcia Lynn McClure (Have I ever mentioned her here before? She’s a good author for light, fluffy romances novels. I read one every now and again, although Sarah M. Eden is still my favorite author for that sort of thing.)

Weathered Too Young

cover via her site.

*UPDATE* Ooh I’m a very bad girl. I forgot I include Webtoons and other comics here too!

Tower of God (update already… update!)

Super Secret (all caught up, hehe)

S.I.D (ch 24, it’s not super good but it’s getting better)

There. Now you have what I’ve been reading.


What I’ve Finished

Finished? What’s finished? Is it a new type of food?

Upcoming and Excited

Slow down there, pony. You need to actually read some before you can make lists like that. Although you do have a few Chinese textbooks coming in the mail… and a Chinese Liahona

https://i2.wp.com/tylerthorsted.com/ldschinese/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Chinese-MormonAd-8-2000.jpgcaption reads (Other than that bit, isn’t it really good?) from August 2000 Liahona via Chinese and the Church.

That’s pretty much it for this week, thanks for reading!




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