Drama Challenge, Day 2

Day 2 Challenge: Actor(s) that proved you wrong about their acting abilities

Well, thank the heavens for pluralization. I’m afraid to admit there are a few, and my initial non-plussedness in no way reflects my current views. ^^

Seo In-Guk. I have to say, I wasn’t reaaally impressed with his character in Master’s Sun (Now I think it was more the fault of the character’s writing, not anything on his part). Then I watched I Remember You, and I liked him a bit more–but he still didn’t leave a great impression. But when I started High School King of Savvy, I finally fell in love. Now I could watch him all. Day. Long.

Tags Seo In Guk , The Master's Sun , No Breathingphoto from kdramastars

Ji-Sung. When I found out he had also acted in Protect the Boss, I didn’t believe the internet. (crazy, huh?) I absolutely adore Kill Me, Heal Me and I didn’t think there was any way this genius actor had also played the rather flat (for my tastes) phobic boss. Maybe his earlier character just reminded me too much of Monk, but I’m sure glad I watched KMHM to prove myself wrong.

Ji Sung is also experiencing overwhelming approval for his work in ...      photo from dramafever

Lee Hong Ki.

While none of the characters in You’re Beautiful broke any records for originality, I have to admit it took me the longest to warm up to Jeremy. It was mostly just a character thing, but it me a few episodes to realize his acting made the personality I didn’t totally love an adorable, fun to watch guy. So when I had the chance I checked out Bride of the Century (which I dropped for angst writing later on, lame) and loved him even more there. Plus he sings (FTIsland, a favorite band of mine) and I find him pretty darn attractive, so… yeah, you could say I’m a fan now. I still don’t find his acting geeeenius or anything, just better than my initial impression.

Hong gi | Lee hong ki #Ft island | Pinterestpicture from pinterest


One response to “Drama Challenge, Day 2

  1. For me it’s Lee Min Ho.
    I first watched him in City Hunter and I loved him so much. But then in Heirs, I realised he is not that good of an actor. Disppointing, really. I still love him though.

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