A List Of My Top 3s

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, since really my favorite pastimes fall into three categories: dramas, books, and comics (generally a manga or webtoons, as the case may be). This weeks list is another set of lists–my top three picks for each of these three categories. Enjoy! (Oof, now I have to narrow it down to three for each…)


While supernatural dramas have the highest success rate for shows completely enjoyed (MLFAS, MotW, Master’s Sun etc.), I have to admit that my top three don’t fall into that category. These shows left a lasting impression on me-they made me think, left me rolling on the floor in laughter, and kept me on the edge of my seat emotionally (and sometimes literally) the whole way through.

  1. Signal
  2. Marriage Contract
  3. Best Love

The Greatest Love » Korean Drama


Here my picks are a bit more consistent with my general taste, as two of the three are fantasy novels. The first is my very first Sam Vimes novel, and remains my favorite of the series. The second is a masterpiece of epic fantasy, with a sweeping world, brilliant characters and thought-provoking philosophy. … And the last is a bit of guilty pleasure: a fluffy, clean regency romance novel. An utter favorite.

  1. The Fifth Elephant (Terry Pratchett)
  2. The Way of Kings (Brandon Sanderson)
  3. The Kiss of a Stranger (Sarah M. Eden)



This one was hard. (Not that the others weren’t). My initial list was the longest–not because they’re better, just a wider range of genres read. I can’t leave out my favorite slice of life in favor of a thriller! And can a webtoon I just caught up in last week really beat out a series I’ve read three times–and still wait on updates for? Well, as a matter of fact it can. My first pick was the only obvious one–Dengeki Daisy is fantastic, from the first text message to the last yell of ‘Go Bald, Kurosaki!’. ToG was a dark horse, endearing me to its characters and engrossing me in the story so much it beat out two other contenders (I can’t tell you what they were, that would be cheating!). And Natsume Yuujinchou has the particular honor of being one of my all time favorite mangas and animes. They adapted the touching, sometime-melancholy sometime-heartwarming story beautifully to the screen.

  1. Dengeki Daisy, Kyousuke Motomi
  2. Tower of God, SIU
  3. Natsume Yuujinchou, Yuki Midorikawa


Thanks for reading,


pictures from here, koreandrama.org, and heartofmanga respectively.

4 responses to “A List Of My Top 3s

  1. Hi Cozybooks! I found your blog and I just wanted to say hi and that 5th elephant is my first and favourite Pratchett book and was the start of my addiction of all books Pratchett! 😋

    • Hey there!! I’m so glad you found it! Just my little corner of the internet, but it’s home. The Fifth Elephant is the first Terry Pratchett second Terry Pratchett book I ever read, the first being Dodger. I loved Dodger, but my cousin kept telling me “there’s this thing called Discworld…” ^^ I’m glad I read it.

  2. My first Pratchett book was “Thud!” He was so clever. And I loved Warbreaker. I am unfamiliar with Sarah M Eden. (I’ll have to look her up.)

    • Sarah M. Eden is fluffy romance at its best: emotional, light, and fun. I’d recommend starting with Kisses With a Stranger, then Seeking Persephone. Her books make me feel like I’m reading an 18th century English Kdrama. ^^

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