Just a Thought… What is an Education?

Are you educated? Did you receive an education? In a world where formal schooling often means the difference between zeros on a yearly paycheck, I think education needs a closer look.


The process of getting into college is long, complicated, and largely made up of hoop jumping. There’s standardized testing, extra-curriculars, grades and AP classes–state sponsored scholarships and competitions. But I’ve attended several different schools in my lifetime–and I know not all institutions are created equally. A 4.0 from one High School might barely equal a 3.2 at another school. An honors or AP class might really be like a college course for some, or just a faster pace of learning for others. And when you major in a non-marketable skill during college, does that mean you’re uneducated?

I think education is rather harder to define than a GED. I know some historical figures who never graduated high school but were savants in one field or another. I know people who are geniuses intellectually but rather inept socially and emotionally. In short, I don’t think education can simply be lumped together as a single entity.

Research has been done on both EQ and IQ (your emotional and intellectual intelligence). And likewise there’s street/skills learning and head learning. You might have incredible street cred but not a whole ton of traditional knowledge, or vice versa. I’m not here to toot one above the other though–because both are useless unless you have wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience–either your own or learned vicariously–and tells you whether or not something is a good idea.

Which leads on with more questions, then. Is it possible to have neither EQ or IQ but but still be wise? And can a person be blamed for not being educated if they do not yet have the experience to help them make better choices? In the end, it’s all just something to think about. Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading,



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