Challenge Time! Drama Challenge, Day 1

I saw this on  Mymyooz and thought ‘oh, how fun! I think I want to try this! So, starting today, the 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge!

30 day challenge

Day 1: A drama plot that nearly made me rage quit.

Boys Over Flowers. I know, it’s a crack drama for a lot of people and the introductory show for even more… but I just couldn’t stand it! I’ve tried three times to watch it all the way through and haven’t ever made it. I got further with the manga, but… there’s just something about a man who makes his crush lick his shoes and then kidnaps her that turns me off… and makes me angry.



5 responses to “Challenge Time! Drama Challenge, Day 1

  1. Haha! I think we who watched BoF live while it aired got the best of the whole crazy thing, it was such a collective affair. Even for those of us who rolled our eyes through most of it and made fun of the writer’s Kim Hyun Joong fetish during the 2nd half. I was still pretty new to kdramas at the time and seriously doubt I’d get through it if I had to watch it now.

    • Honestly, the first time I watched it the hair scared me away. I might be able to last for the whole thing now–but I don’t think it would be my favorite. I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

      • Well, I never thought it was a quality drama and the best part was making fun of all the silly/crazy things, especially towards the end. :)

  2. Ones that nearly made me rage quit was playful kiss and lovers in Prague. God, playful kiss, I just don’t know how I finished that drama because the female ‘s character was so annoying. I just kept shouting “just give him up. Let it go”. and i just couldn’t tell if the guy likes her at all.
    Lovers in Prague had the most annoying second leads ever. That drama made me hysterical. I just realised I have more patience than I give my self credit for.

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